72 Hoorain Movie: Review and Story

72 Hoorain Movie: Story Review

This is the story of two people. Those who, influenced by the Maulvi, blast bombs in the gateway of India and lose their lives. He calls this process martyrdom. Because their Maulvi has told them that if you sacrifice yourself, you will go to heaven. And along with this you will also get 72 Hoorain. 72 Hoorain means 72 virgins beautiful girls. She will welcome them into the gate of heaven. Now what will happen next, you will know only after watching the film.

72 Hoorain Movie Review: Positive and Negative

There is only a game of screenplay in this film. He can see all the things in this world but cannot do anything. This entire story revolves around two people who are searching for 72 Hoorains on the orders of Maulana. By whose words he was instigated to attack. This film runs on the conversation and self-realization of both of them. They start questioning each other on a stage. Whenever getting a chance, the director tries to give a symbolic message.

But since they start understanding some things in a logical way, then some things start appearing colorful to them. The concepts of heaven and hell have also been shown in a symbolic manner. You can also see some comic scenes in it. The way this concept has been shown on the screen, it did not seem very captivating. But the way this film is shown is very artistic. If you look at it in an artistic way then you may like the visualization of this movie.

This movie could have been controversial. But efforts have been made to stay away from controversies by working very closely. Because a religion is being targeted in this film. The production value of this film is very low. Therefore, watching this may give you the feeling not of a movie but of a serial. It turns out that the background of the movie is green screen. Many cuts can be seen in its editing also.

However, the two characters shown in these are souls. From their point of view this world is shown to us in black and white. The length of this film is just 1 hrs 20 min. Technically there are no intervals in this. In the 1st half, they are shown wishing to get 72 Hoorain. An attempt has also been made to explain how brainwashing is done. who allegedly is not following the path of Allah.

In the 2nd half, he is shown realizing his mistake. Apart from the production value and background, the story of this film has little substance. Maturity is also required to understand this film. There is no nudity in this film but there is a kissing scene. There are also many fighting and gory scenes in it. So watch this movie 18+.

72 Hoorain Movie: Conclusion

This film is not at all for every type of audience. There is also a social message in the film, to understand which one has to be logical rather than judgmental. This film gives the message that by killing innocent people, we will not get 72 Hoorains in heaven.

72 Hoorain Movie: Box Office, Budget, Producer, Star Cast Etc

Movie 72 Hoorain
Box Office1.25 cr (est)
StarringSaru Maini
Aamir Bashir
Pavan Malhotra
Rasheed Naz
Ashok Pathak
Namrata Dixit
Mukesh Agrohari
Bhavani Bashir Yasir
Narottam Bain
Vijay Sanap
Release Date7 July 2023
Running Time 1 hrs 20 min
WriterAnil Pandey
DirectorSanjay Puran Singh Chauhan
ProducerGulab Singh Tanwar
Ashoke Pandit
Kiran Dagar
Production Co.Saarthie Entertainment
Aliens Pictures
Trailer Release Date28 June 2023
Country India
EditorSanjay Puran Singh Chauhan
CinematographyChirantan Das
More Info:

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