Bholaa Movie: Review and Story

The hype of this film had increased since the trailer of Bholaa came out. If you have seen Kaithi movie, you may not enjoy it because the story is the same. And if you have not seen the original film then this film will definitely entertain you. Talking about remake, if the story of the remake film is adapted properly and something new is added or tried in it, then that film creates a stir at the box office. Ajay Devgan’s film Drishyam 2 was also an adaptation film but this film did well at the box office.

Bholaa Movie: Story Review

SP Diana (Tabu) catches some members of Sikka gang and seizes cocaine worth Rs 1000 crore from them. She hides that cocaine in a bunker. On the same day, a prisoner is released from jail after 10 years. The name of that prisoner is Bholaa (Ajay Devgan). That cocaine belongs to Sikka Gang leader Ashwathama (Deepak Dobriyal). There is also an officer in the police force who works for Ashwathama.

A girl named Jyoti (Hirva Trivedi) lives in an orphanage. She is told in the call that someone is coming to meet her tomorrow. Jyoti has no one in this world. Bholaa wants to meet his daughter after leaving jail. But he has no idea what his daughter looks like and where she is now.

When Bholaa and SP Diana are going in a truck, the entire gangster group of that city attacks them. Will Bholaa and Diana be able to escape from those miscreants? Will Jyoti find out who her father is? Will Bholaa be successful in finding his daughter? After all, why did Bholaa have to go to jail? Now what is going to happen next, you will know only after watching the story of this film.

Bholaa Movie: Positive Review

The basic storyline of this film is same as Kaithi film. But Ajay Devgan has not just copied and pasted in this film. He has made many additions in this film like he has added the theme of Lord Shiva. The way Trishul has been used in the action scenes of this film is truly mind blowing. In the film Kaithi, there is more focus on hand and foot fighting but Bholaa also fights with bike action.

Ajay Devgan is not only the actor of this film but at the same time he is also the director of this film. He has not only done good acting in this film but he has put even more hard work into directing than acting. His direction level is very next level. In the beginning of the film, Tabu is shown in red background. Looking at that scene, it seems that the reference to Goddess Devi has been cleverly added to it. Tabu is a police officer in this film and she has played this character like a real cop.

This film is of 2 hrs 24 min. It entertains its audience. If we compare the 1st and 2nd half, the screenplay of the 1st may seem a little slow. You can notice the stunning action sequences of this film in both the halves. This is a mass cinema film so it will definitely give a massy feeling to the audience. All the characters of this film have displayed their acting performance well. The makeover, visual appearance and acting of Deepak Dobriyal as Ashwathama ‘Ashu’ has been done very well. The way he has played this character, his action performance should be praised.

Bholaa Movie: Negative Review

This is a dark action adventure film in which logic is not to be found in every scene, only fun is to be had. It is impossible to repeat the original magic of the original film Kaithi. If anyone has seen that film and is its real fan, then this film is not for that kind of audience. Otherwise all their time may be wasted in comparison.

The storytelling of this film may seem very weak to you. While watching this film, it seems difficult to find the story. Whenever action scenes come, the audience enjoys them very much. But its story will not attract the audience that much. Ajay Devgan could have easily made a family film by focusing a little more on the story of this film because it had references to Lord Shiva. But in copying Kaithi its story became limited. Perhaps its audience may also be limited.

When Tabu was cast in this film, it seemed that this film would also have the same Drishyam vibe but in this film, there was not much focus on the story. Dialogues may also seem limited. Ajay talks less through mouth and more through action. The machine gun that was used in Kaithi was a game changer for that film. But that scene in the climax of Bholaa was a disappointment for the audience.

Bholaa Movie Review: Conclusion

There are 3 to 4 abuses in this movie and no intimate scenes. This is a family entertainer and family friendly film. If you like action and massy films more, then you can watch Bholaa film. If you have seen the original film Kaithi then do not expect much from this film. There is a cameo in the credit scene of this film and it is also known that perhaps part 2 of Bholaa film may also come.

Bholaa Movie: Box Office, Budget, Producer, Star Cast Etc

Movie NameBholaa
StarringAjay Devgan
Sanjay Mishra
Deepak Dobriyal
Gajraj Rao
Vineet Kumar
Release Date30 March 2023
Running Time 2 Hrs 24 Min
Box Office123 crore
Budget100 crore
GenreAction Adventure Film
DirectorAjay Devgan
ProducerAjay Devgn
Bhushan Kumar
Krishan Kumar
S. R. Prakashbabu
S. R. Prabhu
Reliance Entertainment
Production Co.T-Series Films
Ajay Devgn FFilms
Reliance Entertainment
Dream Warrior Pictures
DistributorPanorama Studios
PVR Pictures (Worldwide)
Country India
EditorDhramendra Sharma
CinematographyAseem Bajaj
Writer Aamil Keeyan Khan
Ankush Singh
Sandeep Kewlani
Shridhar Dubey
Story byLokesh Kanagaraj
Based onKaithi Film (2019)
By Lokesh Kanagaraj
Music byRavi Basrur

Bholaa Movie: Song List and Singer Name

Song NameSinger
Nazar Lag JayegiJaved Ali
Aadha Main Aadhi VoB Praak
Paan DukaniyaKanika Kapoor
Swaroop Khan
Dil Hai BholaaAmit Mishra
Aaraaro AararoHariharan

Bholaa Movie: Star Cast and Their Role

ActorRole (as)
Ajay DevgnBholaa
Amir KhanKadchi
TabuSP Diana Joseph
Sanjay MishraConstable Angad Yadav
Deepak DobriyalAshwathama
Gajraj RaoDevraj Subramaniam
Vineet KumarNithari
Kiran KumarIG Jayant Malik
Makarand DeshpandePrisoner
Arpit RankaBhoora
Khan Jahangir KhanSarangi
Lokesh MittalDeep Singh
Hirva TrivediJyoti, Bholaa’s daughter
Arzoo SoniRachna
Tarun GahlotAbbas Ali
Deepali GautamNaina
Mukund Ramesh PalBaingan
Chetan SharmaChetan
Priyank TiwaryShekhar
Bachchan PacheraOrphanage guard
Jyoti GaubaDr. Surbhi
Akhilesh MishraArpit Mishra
Sima PariOrphanage teacher
Yuri Suriharasser
Raai LaxmiBar Dancer (cameo)
Amala PauDr. Swara, Bholaa’s wife
Abhishek BachchanChomu Singh

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