Kazi Movie: Review

Kazi movie has been released. This is a Hindi language thriller film whose running time is 1 hr 29 min. Shishir Sharma, Sunil Thapa, Heeba Shah and Biswas Timshina have worked as lead actors. It has been released on 18 December 2023. Its director is Sheba Ghosh.

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Story and Plot

This is the story of a man named Kazi who can read the thoughts of a person’s mind. He has to struggle a lot to save his dream because there is also a man who is a dream watcher. Will he be able to save his dreams and secrets?

Positive Review

The concept of the story of this film is brilliant. The idea and thought of the story are powerful. The horror establishment is good in the beginning. The story progresses gradually and gives a thrill feel in many moments. The execution of climax part is excellent which can shock.

Biswas Timshina played the character of Kazi. His performance is good. Apart from Heeba Shah, Shishir Sharma, Kazi Nipu, the entire cast performed well. BGM has worked to enhance its experience.

Negative Review

This can cause distraction in the mid portion. Despite the length of the film being short, the middle part can give a boring feeling. Climax is good but it could have been made more exciting. The climax was presented in this part with fast pacing. The presentation of some portions could have been better as it could not maintain the gripping moment. The characters are very limited, if it was expanded then there could have been more scope.

Technical Review

Director Sheba Gosh’s work is good. He is also its writer. As a writer she has done decent work. She has made the concept of this story engaging.

Music and BGM work by Kabeer Singh is impressive. Aritra Dutta’s work is decent in terms of editing. Cinematography is good and production value is low.

Kazi Movie: Conclusion

Kazi is a suspense and Thriller film in which the life of a mind reader person is explored. The concept of the story is good but the execution could have been better. The acting performances are decent.

Cast, Director, Wiki, More Info etc

Movie NameKazi
TaglineNothing is as it-
StarringShishir Sharma
Sunil Thapa
Heeba Shah
Biswas Timshina
Rahul Nawach
Release Date18 December 2023
Running Time 1 hr 29 min
GenreThriller . Mystery
DirectorSheba Ghosh
Story and
Screenplay by
Sheba Ghosh
Writer Sheba Ghosh
ProducerSheba Ghosh
Production Co.Sheba Ghosh-
PlatformOpen Theatre
Country India
EditorAritra Dutta-
CinematographySubhadeep Naskar
Music byKabeer Singh

Kazi: Star Cast and Their Role

ActorRole as
Shishir SharmaBenji
Heeba ShahMrs. Jaya  
Sheba GhoshRoma
Sunil ThapaBikash
Rahul Nawach Young Kazi  
Biswas TimshinaKazi
Kazi NipuAtaur Shusmoy

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