My Name is Shruthi: Movie Review

My Name is Shruthi has been released. This is a Telugu language thriller movie whose running time is 2 hr 10 min. It has been released on 17 November 2023. Its star cast is Hansika Motwani, Prema, Murali Sharma, Pooja Ramachandran, Raja Ravindra and Praveen. Its director is Srinivas Omkar.

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Story and Plot

Shruthi works in an agency in Hyderabad city. When she returns to her flat she is shocked. Because she comes to know about the medical mafia and finds herself trapped in that trap. When the police take her into custody and interrogate her, many scary secrets are revealed. Why and How ACP Ranjith (Murli Sharma) and MLA Gurumurthy (Aadukalam Naren) is related to it. What secrets are there in his flat? What did she find out about the medical mafia? Will Shruthi be able to solve this matter? The answer to all these will be found in the movie only.

Positive Review

Its story covers a different topic Medical Mafia. In which elements like skin mafia and organ trafficking have been added. Due to which the audience feels very engaged. Director Srinivas worked in this new topic in Tollywood and narrated it very carefully.

Hansika Motwani has played the character of Shruthi. she worked on this unique topic. She has expressed emotion and pain well. In the 2nd half she has shown remarkable performance of her talent. Murali Sharma, Praveen and all the supporting actors have done a good job in their roles.

After the interval, many twists & turns and mysteries have been unveiled which make the thrilling experience gripping and maintain the interest moment.

Negative Review

Actress Prema’s acting is good but her acting has been given less screen space and her negative shade could have been made interesting.

Confusion may have been created at some points in the first half and emotions were not handled well. There are also some illogical scenes which may raise questions. The screenplay is slow but in the second half the pace is fast paced and gains momentum. Its story is very gripping but its director had to cover the medical mafia topic in a little more depth.

Technical Review

Director Srinivas Omkha’s work is good. The engagement factor falls in the first part but later it seems impactful. Mark K Robin’s BGM creates a mysterious environment. Editor Chota K Prasad could have made some scenes more effective. Because there is drag and repetative in the 1st part. Kishore Kumar’s cinematography enhances the experience. Production Value is good.

My Name is Shruthi: Conclusion

The movie “My Name is Shruti” reveals many mysteries of the medical mafia. This is a thriller film which has many thrilling moments. Hansika’s performance is powerful. There are some drawbacks in the first part but the second part removes all the shortcomings. There are many attention capturing thrilling moments in it.

Cast, Director, Budget, Wiki, More Info etc

Movie NameMy Name is Shruthi
StarringHanskia Motwani
Murli Sharma
Release Date17 November 2023
Running Time 2 hr 10 min
Certification UA
GenreSuspense Thriller
DirectorSrinivas Omkar
ProducerRamya Burugu
Nagendra Raju
Production Co.Vaishnavi Arts
Country India
EditorChota K Prasad
CinematographyKishore Boyidapu
Music byMark K Robin

Star Cast and Their Role

ActorRole as
Hansika MotwaniShruthi
Murli Sharma
Pooja RamchandranAnu
Aadukalam NarenMLA Gurumurthy
Raja RavindraV Prathap Reddy
Dayanand ReddyYaadi
CVL Narasimha RaoTatayya  
Sai Teja Charan
Darbha AppajiBusinessman

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