Pindam Movie: Review

Pindam movie has been released. This is a Telugu language horror thriller film whose running time is 2 hr 38 min. Srikanth Sriram, Kushee Ravi, Easwari Rao and Srinivas Avasarala have worked as lead actors. It has been released on 15 December 2023. Its director is Saikiran Daida.

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Story and Plot

At the beginning of the story, Antony is shown who works as an accountant in a rice mill. His family consists of his pregnant wife Mary, mother and two daughters. Daughter’s names are Sophie and Tara. They all move to live in a new house. They have many bad experiences in that house. According to them, it is a haunted house which is trying to make them vacate the house. Annamma (Demonologist) comes there to solve this problem. Will he be able to end this issue? Will be able to know the mystery of that house. The answer to this will be found in Pindam movie only.

Positive Review

In this story a haunted house is shown where a family lives. That family does not like the atmosphere of that house. There are many secrets hidden in that house and to know them the help of Demonologist is taken. The backstory has been presented well in this which seems interesting in many parts. In the end a social issue has also been discussed.

Sriram has played the character of Antony. His acting performance was good. He has well expressed his emotions and feelings towards the family. Kushee Ravi’s work in the role of Antony’s wife was excellent. Baby Chaitra and Baby Leisha also performed their best work. Apart from Eshwari Rao, the entire cast performed fine.

BGM has helped a lot in making the story interesting. The location and setup was good which was creating a horror atmosphere. The atmosphere of mystery and thrill works well in many parts.

Negative Review

Its story is good and also simple. It could have been made more interesting. The presentation of the first half could have been better as it could not maintain the engaging moment.

Narration is good but some parts needed work. Thrilling portions are not able to create that much tension and thrill moment. There are scary moments which are okay and the movie can feel a little lengthy.

Technical Review

Director Saikiran’s work is good. He is also its writer. Its story is good but some portions could have been made more interesting and exciting. Thrill and Scary moments are not able to create that much impact. The screenplay could have been handled better. Music and BGM by Krishna Saurabh is fine.

Sathish Manoharan has done the cinematography work very well. Many good scenes are seen. Sirish Prasad’s work on editing is also decent. Production value is good.

Pindam Movie: Conclusion

Pindam is a thriller film in which a haunted house is shown. The performance of Srikanth Sriram, Kushee Ravi and Eswari Rao was good. The story is engaging in many parts but falls flat at some places. Thrill does not create much impact but the flashback story is gripping.

Pindam: Cast, Director, Wiki, More Info etc

Movie NamePindam
StarringSrikanth Sriram
Kushee Ravi
Eswari Rao
Srinivas Avasarala
Ravi Varma,
Release Date15 December 2023
Running Time 2 hr 38 min
GenreHorror . Thriller
DirectorSaikiran Daida
Writer Saikiran Daida
Toby Osborne
Kavi Sidhartha
ProducerYeshwanth Daggumati
Prabhu Raja
Production Co.Kalaahi Media
Costume byPadmapriya-
Country India
EditorSirish Prasad
CinematographySathish Manoharan
Music byKrishna Saurabh

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