Sajini Shinde Ka Viral Video: Review

Sajini Shinde Ka Viral Video has been released. This is a Hindi language mystery drama film whose running time is 1 hr 56 min. It has been released by Maddock Films Production Co on 27 October 2023. Nimrat Kaur, Radhika Madan, Bhagyashree and Subodh Bhave have worked as lead actors.

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Story and Plot

At the beginning of the story a girl named Sajini Shinde is shown. She is a Physics Teacher in a school in Pune. One day she drinks and dances. The video of her dance goes viral on social media and people criticize her. Because of which her boyfriend and family members misbehave. But one day after posting the note on social media, Sajini disappears. The police would start searching for her. Will the police be able to find her? Was Sajini trolled on social media? Was she fed up with the viral video? The answer to this will be found in the film.

Positive Review

Incidents from Sajini Shinde’s life have been shown. How a girl manages her personal and professional life. How much pressure is put on the girl for marriage and respect. With what mindset do family members and society treat her? How important is the support of family in weak moments of life. How many problems does she have to face because of viral videos? All these things have been shown in this film.

Nimrat Kaur has played the character of Inspector Bela Barot. In many scenes she seems like a real cop but in some scenes she does not seem like a cop. Her role could have been made more impactful. Bhagyashree has contributed a lot to the plot.

Radhika Madan has played the role of Viral Girl Sajini Shinde. She expresses the real feeling and pain of that girl very well. Subodh Bhave has played the role of angry and arrogant father perfectly. Chinmay’s comedy can make you laugh.

Its “Nana Chi Taang” song can be liked a lot. The twists and turns of the ending are unpredictable and that suspense can also surprise.

Negative Review

There are not many wow moments in this Murder Mystery. This is a Suspense, Mystery and Thriller movie but the director struggles to build up the thriller experience in it. Some unnecessary things have also been shown. It doesn’t make any difference even if you trim it.

Soham Majumdar played the character of Siddhant Kadam (Sajini’s boyfriend). He may not seem a perfect fit in this role. The Love Story Angle could have been made entertaining by introducing a twist.

Women related issues are discussed but this type of story has been seen in many films. Because of this it is not able to engage as much. The narration of the 2nd half is inconsistent. A girl is missing but the tension was not built well.

Technical Review

Director Mikhil Musale should have utilized Radhika Madan’s acting more. Nimrat’s presentation had to be improved. Many more things had to be added to make the plot entertaining and exciting. Songs are impressive. Tribhuvan’s cinematography is decent. Editing by Summet Kotian is okay as some scenes could have been trimmed. Production values are okay.

Sajini Shinde Ka Viral Video: Conclusion

Family and society are against the young girl due to which many problems arise in her life. This is an average murder mystery film in which thrill moments can be missed. Suspense and mystery could have been handled in a better way.

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