Shantala Movie: Review

Shantala movie has been released. This is a Telugu language drama film whose running time is 1 hr 55 min. Ashlesha Thakur, Nihal Kodhaty, Vinod Kumar and Manju Bhargavi have worked as lead actors. It has been released on 15 December 2023. Its director is Sheshu Peddi Reddy.

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Story and Plot

This story is about Shantala, an orphan girl living in a village. She likes to dance and her love interest is Rajashekar. The Zamindar of that place has ill feelings towards the girl and he preys on the woman’s insecurities. Problems start appearing in Shantala’s life when Zamindar starts targeting her. Will Shantala be able to save her love? Will she be able to get rid of Zamindar?

Positive Review

Ashlesha Thakur plays the character of Shantala and she leads the show. In this film, she has spread her beauty by making her Telugu debut. Her acting was impressive in terms of acting and showing emotion. Her dancing skills and dialogue delivery add a charming layer.

Nihal Kodhaty has played the role of Rajashekar. His performance is noteworthy but he is given screen space for a short period of time. Vinod Kumar has given a powerful performance in the role of Zamindar. The expression in his eyes was good.

Many emotional scenes can be noted in this movie. The background score helps in making that scene connecting. Dialogue delivery and writing are good. Apart from Manju Bhargavi, the work of supporting cast is good.

Negative Review

Its story may seem simple because many parts can be predicted very easily. There is a need to get hold of screenplay. The story could have been presented in a more interesting way. Pacing is slow at some places due to which the experience is bad.

The character could have been built up in a stronger way as it may not seem relatable in some parts. The presentation of some portions could have been better as it does not maintain the engaging moment.

Technical Review

Director Sheshu Peddi Reddy’s work is okay. He could have made this movie even more gripping by working on its character development and screenplay. Impact could have been created by making the emotional scene connecting.

Music and BGM work by Vishal Chandra Shekhar is impressive. Sasank’s work needs improvement in terms of editing. Cinematography and production value are good.

Shantala Movie: Conclusion

Shantala is a routine drama film in which Ashlesha Thakur has given a noteworthy performance in the lead role. The music is captivating when matched with the emotional scene. Many gripping moments are missing in the story. Slow screenplay and predictable plot make the movie weak.

Cast, Director, Wiki, More Info etc

Movie NameShantala
StarringAshlesha Thakur
Nihal Kodhaty
Vinod Kumar
Manju Bhargavi 
Release Date15 December 2023
Running Time 1 hr 55 min
DirectorSheshu Peddi Reddy
Writer Peddireddy Seshu
ProducerDr. Irrinki Suresh
Rama Rao
Production Co.Creative Commercials
Indo Americana-
DistributorCreative Commercials
Country India
EditorSasank Upputuri
CinematographyRamesh R
Music byVishal Chandra-

Shantala: Star Cast and Their Role

ActorRole as
Ashlesha ThakurShantala
Nihal KodhatyRajashekhar
Vinod KumarZamindar
Manju BhargaviKalashetra-

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