Tejas: Movie Review and Story

Tejas has been released in theatres. This is a Hindi language action drama thriller film. Tejas is released on 27 October 2023 and its running time is 1 hr 52 min. Kangana Ranaut has worked as the lead actor in this film. This is a fictional story in which patriotic feeling and the intelligence and bravery of the woman pilot are shown. The writer and director of this movie is Sarvesh Mevara.

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Tejas: Story and Plot

At the beginning of the film, Tejas flies a chopper with her co-pilot to the island for a rescue mission. She succeeds in her mission. In the flashback story, it is shown that when she goes to the hotel for dinner with her family, a terrorist attack takes place there. She loses her family in that attack. Present Day – An Indian officer is captured by a terrorist.

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A mission is planned to save that officer. Tejas executes that mission. Will Tejas be able to save that officer? Will she be able to fight that terrorist? How will she complete her mission? Is this the same criminal who carried out the terror attack? The answers to all these questions will be available only when you watch this film.

Positive Review

An Indian officer has to be saved from a terrorist. This mission is executed by a girl named Tejas. Along with the present story of Tejas, the past story is also shown. She works to save her country from terrorism. The unique topic of Air Force has been chosen and their regular life has been shown.

Kangana Ranaut has played the character of IAF officer Tejas Gill. She is a female fighter pilot in this. Kangana’s performance is very good. Attitude, pain and bravery are clearly visible in her character. Effort and hard work are visible in the development of character. In the beginning of the movie, a mission is shown to show the bravery of Tejas. The character is developed with this scene.

An attempt has also been made to give a social message through this. The message of women empowerment and gender equality has been given to the society. Broiling feeling may not occur. A mission is also shown at the end of the film.

Negative Review

There is very little hype about this film among the audience. Screenplay is very fast. This is a centric show in which the maximum focus has been on Kangana. Supporting actors should also have been given more opportunity to showcase their acting but still the supporting cast has given their best. It was not very successful in emotionalizing the environment. Like many films, terrorism has also been shown in this film. Aerial fight sequences may be seen less.

All the elements of patriotism have been added to this movie but still something seems missing in it. There may be no surprising feeling in many moments. The story can be predicted in many turns. Less suspense factor may be seen in the plot. To make the plot exciting, it is necessary to have variety. This is a patriotic type film but there are very few moments in it in which you will feel goosebumps.

Love story angle is introduced but because of this the story goes out of its track. And many of his past incidents have also been shown. In a moment you may feel that the plot is being lengthened. Many audiences may get confused when the story switches from present story to past. This transition could have been made better.

Technical Review

Its writer is Sarvesh Mevara. Whose work is okay. How IAF officers talk and what their attitude is has been shown. He has worked with great detailing and research. Work can be done in dialogue. Because there are very few such dialogues which can be remembered outside the theatre. VFX quality is good at many places and VFX can be noticed at some places. Editor Aarif Sheikh’s work is okay. Music and BGM sound good.

Tejas Movie Review: Conclusion

Kangana Ranaut has tried to give a good performance in this film. It shows the life of a woman pilot. In the first half, Kangana’s past life is shown. 2nd half story comes back on its track. Rescue missions may look enjoyable. If you are free on weekends then this is a one time watchable film.

Cast, Director, Budget, Wiki, More Info etc

Movie NameTejas
StarringKangana Ranaut
Anshul Chauhan
Varun Mitra
Release Date27 October 2023
Running Time 1 hr 58 min
Budgetest 60 crore
GenreAction Drama
DirectorSarvesh Mevara
Writer Sarvesh Mevara
ProducerRonnie Screwvala
Production Co.RSVP Movies
Country India
EditorAarif Sheikh
CinematographyHari K. Vedantam
Music byShashwat Sachdev

Tejas: Star Cast and Their Role

ActorRole as
Kangana Ranaut IAF Officer Tejas Gill
Anshul ChauhanArfa
Varun MitraEkveer
Ashish VidyarthiIAF chief R K Panicker
Vishak NairPrashant
Kashyap ShangariVivek
Sunit TandonAcademy Teacher
Rio KapadiaRAW Chief
Mohan AgashePM
Mushtaq KakKhatooni
Veenah Naair
Rohed KhanSarqalam  
Anuj KhuranaFlight Instructor  
Mirko QuainiTourist
Chirag Bhanot
Aakash AhujaAditya Singhal  

Song List and Title

Dil Hai RanjhanaRashmeet Kaur,
Shashwat Sachdev
Jaan Da (Saiyaan Ve)Arijit Singh,
Shashwat Sachdev
Shiva Simran Choudhary,
Shashwat Sachdev
Reh Jao NaHariharan,
Shashwat Sachdev
Ishq Hai Ranjhe DaOsho Jain,
Shashwat Sachdev
Aag UdiSanjith Hegde, Shashwat Sachdev

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