18 Pages Movie: Review and Story

18 pages has been released in theatres. This is a Romantic Drama film directed by Palnati Surya Pratap. Its story has been written by Sukumar. In this, Nikhil Siddhartha and Anupama Parameswaran can be seen as lead actors. Before this, Nikhil has worked in hit films like Karthikeya 2. This film is of 2 hrs 15 min. In which there are many thrilling and suspenseful moments.

18 Pages Movie: Story and Plot

This is the story of Siddhu (Nikhil Siddharth). He loves a girl but she cheats on him. Due to which his heart breaks and he becomes a victim of depression. One day he finds a diary on the road. He starts reading that diary. That personal diary belongs to a girl named Nandini (Anupama Parameswaran) who has written every moment of her life in that diary.

She wants to stay away from the era of social media, so she does not even use the phone. As Siddhu starts reading that diary, his emotions and feelings get attached to that diary. At one point he starts realizing that he has fallen in love with the girl from the diary.

But when he reaches Nandini’s grandmother to meet her, there is a twist in his life due to which he breaks down again. What is the twist that makes him sad? Will he be able to meet Nandini? This is the story of this film. The answer to all these questions will be found when you watch this film.

18 Pages: Positive Review

Anupama Parameswaran has played the character of Nandhini. This is a very sweet and simple character. The way she has tried to show innocence and smile on her face is impressive. Her philosophy is well justified due to which it connects the audience even more.

Nikhil Siddharth has played the character of Siddhu. His acting performance is good which makes it easy to relate to him. He works very hard to show love and emotion in the character of a lover boy. In this way he has portrayed this feeling that people connect with him.

Comedy and love story can be seen in the first half. The intro of the character and his life are shown. Because the screenplay is good, the interval will come so quickly that you will not realize the time. Thrilling moments are seen in the second half. The emotions seen in the climax can be called magical. A suspense moment has been created in it which increases the curiosity about what will happen in the next story.

The way the climax has been presented in the end is very nice. Emotion drama will be seen in this which can give peace to the heart. The ending is so good that you can be satisfied. Through this, it also wants to give a social message in which it is told that in today’s time, people have become so connected and addicted to phones and social media that they do not even get time to interact with family and society. Due to which there is distance between social and human relations. This message has been presented in a decent way.

Its basic storyline and idea are very interesting in which a freshness is seen. There are enough good moments in this film which leave a smile on the face. One feels satisfaction. In this, comedy and suspense elements along with romance drama have been balanced well.

18 Pages: Negative Review

The idea of the story is very unique but flaws are also seen in many scenes. At some places the story seems a bit predictable. If it was presented in a new way, the story could have been more engaging. Its suspenseful and thrilling moments could have been better.

The first half is very superb and interesting. But as the story progresses the interest level decreases. Some scenes have been stretched a bit. The directing may seem weak in an emotion scene of the second half, it could have been performed in a better way. But the way this story reaches a new twist and turn, it can be very shocking.

18 Pages: Technical Review

Flaws can be noticed at many places in its writing. Its writer is Sukumar whose work is decent. Palnati Surya Pratap’s direction could have been a little better. But he has done good work. Perhaps some unnecessary scenes have been added. But you may like its unique presentation. A Simple Story But Unique Presentation

The songs added by Gopi Sundar also sound good and the BGM is also good. Its producer is Bunny Vas. Its production cost is also fine. Editor Naveen Nooli’s editing could have been better.

18 Pages Review: Conclusion

This is a romance drama film in which along with thriller, many suspense and twists are seen. Its love story may seem different. The actor’s performances are also okay but the story may seem slow at some moments. It is not an extraordinary film, it is an okay film. It is a simple story but presented in a new way. Which can be watched one time.

18 Pages: Box Office, Budget, Wiki etc

Movie Name18 Pages
StarringNikhil Siddhartha
Anupama Parameswaran
Release Date23 December 2022
Running Time 2 hrs 15 min
Box Officeest. 25 cr
Budget16 cr
GenreRomance Thriller
DirectorPalnati Surya Pratap
Writer Sukumar (Story &
Srikanth Vissa
ProducerBunny Vas
Production Co.GA2 Pictures
Sukumar Writings
Art Direction byRamana Vanka
Country India
EditorNaveen Modi
CinematographyA. Vasanth
Music byGopi Sundar

18 Pages: Star Cast and Their Role

ActorRole (as)
Nikhil SiddharthaSiddhu
Anupama ParameswaranNandhini
Dinesh TejDr Sandeep.B
Sarayu RoyBhagi
AjayRakesh Talwar
Posani Krishna MuraliLawyer
Mounika ReddySanjana
Goldie NissyAarti
Goparaju RamanaConductor
Raghu BabuClient
Kancharapalem RajuNandini’s grandfather
Tenali ShakuntalaNandini’s grandmother
Vadlamani SrinivasJudge Vasudev
Vamsi NakkantiSiddhu’s father
Niharika Siddhu’s mother
Ravi VarmaAjith
Raj TirandasuRasheed
Chandu KanuriSpecial Appereance

18 Pages: Song List and Singer Name

Nannaya RaasinaPrudhvi Chandra
Sithara Krishnakumar
Sri Mani
Yedurangula VaanaSid SriramSri Mani
Time Ivvu PillaSilambarasanSri Mani

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