The Vaccine War: Review and Story

The Vaccine War has been released. This is a medical related drama film. It has been shown how many problems our country’s scientists, doctors and health department people had to face during an epidemic like Corona. Vivek Agnihotri has presented this film based on this topic in his own style. They want to show the journey of the vaccine made by India through this film. This is a 2 hrs 41 min long film, which has been released on 28 September 2023.

The Vaccine War: Story and Plot

This story starts from January 2020. ICMR gets alerted by a news coming from Wuhan city of China. Chin confirms the disease after some time. Being alert about the problem coming in India, they start preparing for that solution. India’s biggest challenge is that India has not made any vaccine yet. But this time the scientist accomplished the mission of making a vaccine.

Started studying about that virus and the journey of making a vaccine begins. This story is based on this topic. What challenges may a scientist have to face? How hard the doctor worked during that period. In which situation did they start making the vaccine? This is what is shown through this movie. It would be better if this movie is watched only for cinema purpose.

The Vaccine War: Positive Review

Nana Patekar has played the character of Dr.Balram Bhargava in it. His aggressive look is seen in every film. Depth and maturity can be seen in the dialogue given by him. His screen presence is very strong. Glimpses of emotion can be seen in his acting.

Pallavi Joshi Dr. Played the role of Priya Abraham. She is successful in justifying her character. One of the best acting of Raima Sen’s career is seen. She can look very fit in the role of a journalist. All the supporting actors who have worked have also performed well.

In this film, an attempt has been made to show the process about which people have only heard about how scientists make medicine to fight a disease or what is the process of making vaccine. After watching this film, there is curiosity to know that process.

So that there is no problem in understanding the film, it has been divided into different chapters. The way scientists use medical terms to talk in real life, the same has been shown in it. Seeing this, one gets the vibe of a real medical environment.

This is a story in which romance and action will not be seen but its screenplay is so tight that one is curious to know its further story. The screenplay has been worked on so meticulously that it looks effective. The journey of making a vaccine in India and many facts along with a lot of research have been shown.

The way the action and dialogue of many scenes have been mixed makes those scenes look very impactful. Be it a relaxed or stressful environment, an effort has been made to show it in the best possible way. The filmmakers are successful in showing that atmosphere.

The Vaccine War: Negative Review

In the first half, science labs, instruments and experiments are seen with great simplicity, which is nice to see, but after seeing some scenes, its story may seem predictable. And it may also feel that the scene is being stretched and made longer.

Some things may seem irrelevant to the topic and due to being lengthy, there may be a feeling of boring. But in the second half the film comes back to its phase and works to captivate the audience.

At one moment it may feel as if an attempt is being made to show emotion and pain forcefully. Because of this, they fail to connect emotionally. Nana Patekar has variety in acting, his acting could have been used more. Anupam Kher has played the role of a government officer, his character could have been given a little more scope.

The Vaccine War: Technical Review

The pain and emotion that the audience felt in director Vivek Agnihotr’s film The Kashmir Files is very less in this film. His work is decent. A little better editing could have been expected from Editor Shankh Rajadhyaksha as some parts are lengthy. The music has been composed by Rohit Sharma, Vanraj Bhatia, Swapnil Bandodkar and Shreea Kaul.

Work can be done in music score and cinematography. Cinematpgrapher Udaysingh Mohite’s work is okay. Its production values may seem low. Its producers are Pallavi Joshi and Abhishek Agarwal.

The Vaccine War Review: Conclusion

In the first half, science has been shown as the base. This is not an entertainment or mass masala type film. In this, an attempt is made to show the journey of making the vaccine and the difficulties and challenges faced by the doctor and scientist. The way a unique story has been presented is commendable. Every person’s style of seeing may be different. If you want to know how the vaccine was made then you can watch this film.

The Vaccine War: Box Office, Budget, Wiki etc

Movie NameThe Vaccine War
StarringNana Patekar
Anupam Kher
Pallavi Joshi
Raima Sen
Sapthami Gowda
Release Date28 September 2023
Running Time 2 hrs 41 min
Box OfficeTBA
Budgetest 10 cr
GenreDrama Thriller
DirectorVivek Agnihotri
Costume Design byMansi Patel
Casting byAanchal Poddaar
Writer Vivek Agnihotri
ProducerPallavi Joshi
Production Co.I Am Buddha Production
DistributorPen Marudhar
Country India
EditorShankh Rajadhyaksha
CinematographyUdaysingh Mohite
Music byRohit Sharma
Vanraj Bhatia
Swapnil Bandodkar
Shryea Kaul
Filming LocationHyderabad
Languages ReleasedHindi, Telugu, Tamil,
English, Kannada etc

The Vaccine War: Star Cast and Their Role

Actor Role (as)
Nana PatekarDr. Balram Bhargava
Pallavi JoshiDr. Priya Abraham
Raima SenRohini Singh Dhulla
Sapthami GowdaDr. Sreelakshmy Mohandas
Anupam KherCabinet Secretary
Girija OakDr. Nivedita Gupta
Nivedita BhattacharyaDr. Pragya Yadav
Mohan KapurDr. Raman Gangakhedkar
Yagya Turlapathi
Paritosh Sand
Sougata Ghosh
Vivek PrabhakarScientist
Aanchal Dwivedi
Poorti Jai Agarwal
Sneha Miland
Randeep Arya

The Vaccine War: Song List and Singer Name

The Vaccine War Theme
Nasadiya Sukta (Rock)Vasant DevSwapnil
After The RainShryea KaulShryea Kaul

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