Campus Beats Webseries: Review and Story

A new show has been released on Amazon mini TV named Campus beats.

Campus Beats Webseries: Story Review

This story is shown of a dance academy. There are two groups in that academy, which are competitors of each other. The names of both the groups are OGs and BGs. Who is preparing for a dance competition. Netra comes to that college through a welfare program. She comes to that college for a reason and a mission. This story revolves around Netra’s journey and the competition of that college. Why did Netra join this college? OGs and BGs, which group will win, will be known only after watching this show.

Campus Beats Webseries: Positive Review

Shantanu Maheshwari’s acting is good. He has led this show. He has tried to give his best acting performance. Dancer scenes are also seen in many places. After watching that scene, it becomes clear that the dancer has worked hard in the dance.

If we talk about this webseries, then this show will give the audience a feeling of comedy, suspense and romance. The first episodes of this show are engaging, due to which there is curiosity to know and watch its further story. Just like the story telling, character selection of a dance show, it is good.

In this, not only dance has been shown but also the feeling, expression and hard work of dance has been shown. The love story chemistry of Ishaan and Netra looks good.

Campus Beats Webseries: Negative Review

There are total 10 episodes of this show. The length of each episode is 30 to 33 minutes.

The vibe of heart, friendship and dance can be seen in the starting of this show. As the show progresses, the show becomes boring. Its climax is very terrible. Even after watching 10 episodes, its story does not end well. For this we will have to wait for season 2. In many scenes it feels like the show has been presented like a TV show.

Shantanu’s acting sometimes seems dull in some scenes. Sahaj Singh Chahal, Tanvi Gadkari, and Harsh Dingwani have worked in it. Shantanu and these actors have tried to give the best in acting performance. His character could have been explored a little more.

The dancer has danced well but there should have been tension of competition in his mind. That tension was not visible. Because of this, there is no feeling of intensity and thrill. It becomes difficult to connect with his character. If emotional touch and pain sentiment are added to the character, then only perhaps the audience feels the emotion of that character.

Campus Beats Webseries Review: Conclusion

This is a dance drama comedy and romance type show. The competition of dance and the hard work of dance are shown. Many adult scenes are seen in this show. This is a 16+ certified show.

Campus Beats : Budget, Producer, Star Cast Etc

WebseriesCampus Beats
StarringShantanu Maheshwari
Shruti Sinha
Sahaj Singh Chahal
Tanvi Gadkari
Harsh Dingwani
and many more
Release Date21 September 2023
Running Time
Box Office
GenreDrama comedy Romance
DirectorAniruddha Rajderkar
Story by
Based on
ProducerPalki Malhotra
Production Co.Banijay Asia
Release onAmazon Mini Tv
Country India
Certificate 16+

Campus Beats: Star Cast and Their Role

ActorRole (as)
Shantanu MaheshwariIshaan
Shruti SinhaNetra
Sahaj Singh Chahal
Tanvi Gadkari
Harsh Dingwani
Tanya Bhushan
Dhanshree Yadav
Teriya Magar
Adnan Khan
Rohan Pal

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