The Purvanchal Files: Review and Story

A new film named The Purvanchal Files has just been released in theatres. This is an action drama crime film. In which a police officer removes corruption. Its director is Swarup Ghosh.

The Purvanchal Files: Story Review

This story is from a Ghazipur city in a place called Purvanchal in the eastern region of Uttar Pradesh. This place is very much associated with corruption and crime. DSP Ritesh Pandey enters that city. He plans to rid this place of crime, gang war and corruption. The MLA and his son keep all the people of that area scared. They do many illegal activities in collaboration with corrupt people there.

When the DSP comes to know about them, he works with great honesty to fight that MLA and all the corrupt people. The DSP also learns that the MLA had got the DSP’s father murdered. Will DSP be able to provide justice to the people there? Will he be able to catch all the criminals? Will he be able to get the MLA and his son punished? Now what will happen next will be known only after watching the film.

The Purvanchal Files: Positive and Negative

Siddharth Gupta has played the role of an honest officer DSP Ritesh Pandey in this film. He fights against all the corrupt politicians of this city. Watching this film, one feels as if it is a one man show. Because Siddharth has been shown the most in this film. Many of his action scenes are good.

Govind Namdev, Zarina Wahab, Hemant Pandey and Mukesh Tiwari can also be seen in this film. Govind Namdev is the villain in this film. He looks good only in the role of villain. Because his style and performance give strength to the villain’s character. Mukesh Tiwari has played the role of a police officer in it. Apart from all this, many actors have also worked. If we talk about the acting performance of all of them, then they are average.

If we talk about its screenplay, its screenplay may seem a bit slow. There may also be shortcomings in the narration of the story. If both are compared, then the 2nd half of this film is more engaging than the 1st half. The twist and action scenes of the climax of the film are also good.

Swarup Ghosh has directed this film. If we talk about his direction, his direction is quite good. Nothing much special is seen in his direction. According to this movie, its music and background music can be called decent. Because on many scenes the BGM is sometimes loud and sometimes slow. Its cinematography is also fine.

The audience has been watching such films for many years. There is nothing new to be seen in its story. If something spicy had been added to its story, it could have become a memorable film. A little more effort could have been expected from the writer of this film. Its writer is Rajendra Tripathi.

The message this film wants to convey. That message is correct. But the present style of that message should be unique. Because this story becomes predictable in many scenes. Because of which the thrill is not enjoyed. It becomes difficult to relate and connect with the character in many scenes.

The action of this film is average. But an attempt has been made to present that action in a new way. If we talk about today’s times, then hardly today’s youth will watch such films after watching a film like Jawan. People of 80’s and 90’s may like this film.

The Purvanchal Files: Technical Review

This film has been released on 22 September 2023. The film has been edited by Tapos Ghosh. Cinematography work has been done by Jatan Prajapati. Its dialogue has been presented by Nissar Akhtar. Its producers are Raj Vasoya and Ramnik Vasoya.

The Purvanchal Files Review: Conclusion

This is an action drama crime type film. In this, an honest police officer wants to clean up the corrupt politicians and officers of Purvanchal. He wants to end all crimes in Purvanchal. A lot of action can be seen in it. Fights are common in this film. The twists and turns in the story can be predictable.

The Purvanchal Files: Director, Budget, Star Cast Etc

Movie Name The Purvanchal Files
StarringR . Siddharth
Shivani Thakur
Zarina Wahab
Govind Namdeo
Mukesh Tiwari
Hemant Pandey
Amita Nangia
Heramb Tripathi
Abhijit Sinha
Garima Agarwal
Release Date22 September 2023
Running Time 2 hrs 22 min
GenreAction Drama
DirectorSwarup Ghosh
Story byRajendra Tripathi
Writer Nisar Akhtar
Neetu Pandey Kranti
Rajendra Tripathi
ProducerRaj Vasoya
Ramnik Vasoya
Production Co.Le Brand Entertainment
Rudeaksh Telefilms
Country India
EditorTapos Ghosh
CinematographyJatan Prajapati
Music bySomen Sarkar Kutty

The Purvanchal Files: Song List and Singer Name

The Purvanchal FilesKailash Kher
Naughty MainaPawny Pandey

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