Mystery of The Tattoo: Movie Review and Story

Ameesh Patel, Daisy Shah and Arjun Rampal’s film “Mystery of the Tattoo” has been released. After Gadar 2, Ameesh has appeared in this film. This is a suspense thriller movie. This is a 1 hrs 56 min film.

Mystery of The Tattoo: Story Review

This story is about Aathmika (Daisy Shah) living in London. She is a tattoo therapist. One day world famous painter Chitra Devi (Ameesha Patel) is murdered. Then the police takes the help of Aathmika to understand the tattoo on the body. Looking at that tattoo, she tells that another murder is going to happen soon. After that a murder also takes place. Police feel that Aathmika can help in that case. Aathmika also gets attacked during this time period. This story moves forward with this.

After that, Aathmika meets UK’s leading barrister Vikarn Abhimanyu (Rohit Raaj). Gradually their friendship grows and they fall in love. Who is the mystery man behind the continuous murders? What is the secret of the tattoos made on the bodies of murdered people? Is there any mystery associated with tattoo? Now what will happen next and the answers to all these questions will be known only after watching the film.

Mystery of The Tattoo: Positive and Negative Review

Daisy Shah has played the character of Aathmika in this movie. She tried her best acting, but her performance may not seem very impressive. She has been seen in a big frame after many years. The way Aathmika has the ability to solve the tattoo mystery makes the story interesting. But its story goes out of track in many scenes. Due to which it becomes difficult to maintain suspense and thriller and the climax of the story also becomes predictable. Elements like twist and turn could have been added.

Rohit Raaj has played the role of Vikarn Abhimanyu in it. He debuted with this film. His acting performance is good. He has made the character of Vikarn engaging. Looking at his acting, it does not seem at all that he is new in the acting field. But he may also appear nervous in front of the camera in some scenes. The performances of Myra Sareen and Manoj Joshi are good as per their characters.

Ameesh Patel and Arjun Rampal have made cameo appearances in it. The screen presence of both of them is very less in this film. Both of their characters had to be shown on screen for a little more time.

The direction of this film is average. A little more story could have been added to the story of this film. In many scenes even the screenplay may seem confusing. Because of this the audience’s concentration deteriorates. Kalaiarasi Sathappan has directed this film along with Ganesh Mahadevan. Perhaps mutual coordination is not seen in the direction of these two. Its cinematography is Okay.

Mystery of The Tattoo: Technical Review

This film has been shot in London. Location may seem awkward after watching the scene. The music element has been added by Abhinav Shekhar. He could have tried something new in its music. The way the writer has shown the mystery death increases the interest of the audience. BGM is also most important in a thriller movie. But its BGM may seem a bit dull.

Mystery of The Tattoo Review: Conclusion

This is a psychological thriller film. Which has been directed together by Kalaiarasi Sathappan and Ganesh Mahadevan. ‘Mystery Of The Tattoo’ wants to give the audience the fun of a thriller. But due to many reasons it is not able to grab the attention of an interesting thriller film. Due to its weak storytelling, the suspense of this film reduces and the twists and turns become predictable. If the character was explored a little more, its story could have become more interesting.

Mystery of The Tattoo: Release Date, Budget, Producer, Star Cast Etc

Movie NameMystery of The Tattoo
StarringArjun Rampal
Rohit Raaj
Daisy Shah
Manoj Joshi
Ameesha Patel
Release Date1 September 2023
Running Time 1 Hrs 56 Min
Box OfficeTBA
Budgetest. 10 – 15 crore
GenrePsychological Thriller Film
DirectorKalaiarasi Sathappan
Ganesh Mahadevan
Writer Kalaiarasi Sathappan
ProducerGajinaath Jeyakumar
Kashish Khan
Anushree Shah
Production Co.Kashish Khan Production
Tattoo Film Production
DistributorPickle Entertainment
Country India
EditorKailash Kashinath Pawar
Prod. DesignerAzmat Ansari
Music byMagizhan Santhors (BGM)

Mystery of The Tattoo: Star Cast and Their Role

ActorRole (as)
Rohit RaajVikarn Abhimanyu
Daisy ShahAathmika
Rohit BelaniYusuf Khan
Manoj Joshi
Myra Sareen
Tom HendrykOfficer Orth
Arun KapurArun (Student)
Saira Pandhal
Jamie LambeDancing Jogger
Suki ChottTrial Criminal
Arjun RampalKaran Abhimanyu (cameo)
Ameesh PatelChitra Devi (cameo)
Andriana MourelleWitness
Dacian Forin OlariuSecurity

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