Athidhi Series: Review and Story

A new webseries named Athidhi has been released on Hotstar. There are total 6 episodes of this series. The length of each episode is only 30 minutes approx. This is a telugu horror show. Its Hindi dubbing is decent.

Athidhi Series: Story and Plot Review

This story is of a writer Ravi Varma (Venu Thottempudi). He lives in his palace like house. His wife Sandhya (Aditi Gautam) also lives with him but she is paralyzed. One night a girl Maaya (Avanthika Mishra) and a youtuber named Savari come to his house. Savari Youtuber uploads videos related to ghost and spirit on his social media.

When all three of them were sitting, Savari felt that maybe Maya was a ghost because Maya did not look like a human being to her. The further story will be known only after watching the film.

Athidhi Series: Positive Review

As the layers of its story keep opening, you will start enjoying. Especially in the last episode, there are many scenes which can make you happy. The screenplay is good which works to engage. After the first episode is over, you may feel like watching the second episode. Its screenplay itself holds the excitement. Many major things are revealed in episode 5.

Ravi Varma has played the character of Venu Thottempudi in it. Horror will be seen at many places in his acting performance. You may also like Avanthika Mishra’s acting. An attempt has been made to give a social message through his character. Venkatesh Kakamanu has played the role of Youtuber savari in it. Their simple lifestyle may seem good. There is nothing special in overall acting due to which his performance can be remembered.

Athidhi Series: Negative Review

The creator of the series had a very good concept. But its presentation could have been better. The maker’s vision regarding its theme is not clear. An attempt has been made to explore many themes in this, due to which everything has become mixed.

If there was more depth in the theme, this show would have been more famous. Neither does it succeed in adding the horror element nor is it able to provide the thrill of a thriller. The audience feels very illogical and bored while watching some scenes of the last 2 episodes. But it will be fun to see its twists and turns.

The audience may not be happy with the way its twists and turns are presented. The main point of its entire story is twist and turn. If it had been shown in an interesting and unique way, it could have been even more impactful. Many scenes have been depicted well but many turn out to be flat.

Perhaps a horror lover may not like this series. The way its story has been written is great. But its presentation is lacking. Because of which the whole scene gets messed up. Many scenes could have been explored and shown in detail.

Athidhi Series Review: Conclusion

Maybe there were abusive words in the original language but the word has been removed in Hindi language. There are no vulgar and nudity scenes in it. Music and cinematography are decent. Because of which watching the story may seem engaging. The concept of its story is good, something new can be seen but there are some shortcomings in the presentation. Those who want to watch only horror and thriller, then this series may not be for them.

Athidhi Series: Director, Producer, Star Cast Etc

Movie NameAthidhi – Telugu Series
StarringVenu Thottempudi
Avanthika Mishra
Aditi Gautam
Venkatesh Kakamanu
Release Date19 September 2023
Episode Length30 minutes approx
No. of Episode6
GenreHorror Thriller
DirectorY. G. Bharath
Writer Y. G. Bharath
ProducerRohith Pisapati
Praveen Sattaru
BannerRandom Frames Entertainment
Prod. co.Hotstar Specials
Country India
EditorDhramendra Kakarala
CinematographyManoj Katasani
Music byKapil Kumar

Athidhi Series: Star Cast and Their Role

Actor Role (as)
Gayatri Chaganti
Keshav DeepalTeacher
Ravi Varma
Venkatesh KakumanuYoutuber Savari
Chanakya Teja
Aditi GautamSandhya (Ravi’s wife)
Avantika MishraMaaya
Venu ThottempudiRavi Verma

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