Matti Katha: Review and Story

A Telugu film named ‘Matti Katha’ has been released. This is a low budget and short lengthy film. Its run time is 1 hrs 31 min. This film has kept the rural village issue at the center of its story and has tried to give a social message, so that the audience can be captivated. Now, how this film is will be known only after reading the review.

Matti Katha: Story Review

This story is from a village near Hyderabad. The rich landlords of that place take advantage of the innocent villagers in every way. Bhoomayya (Ajay Ved) lives with his parents and grandmother. He is a college student and his friends are Srinu (Akshay Sai), Yadhagiri (Raju Aluri), and Raju (Bathula Teja). He has fun with his friends. He meets Raji aka Rajyalakshmi (Maya Mannu). He loves her very much.

Bhoomayya does not like to live in his village, he likes Hyderabad city. So he tries to convince his father to sell the farm. But a twist comes in Bhoomayya’s life, which brings a turn in his life. After all, what twist comes in Bhoomayya’s life. Will that twist change his life? The answer to all these questions will be found when you watch this film.

Matti Katha: Positive Review

The story of this film shows the problems related to village. In which the village lifestyle and natural environment have been shown well. When village songs are shown in it, then that scene seems very relatable. The rural theme of its village is very impressive. In this, comedy with emotional sentiment and painful touch has also been added so that one can enjoy comedy with emotional feeling in this story.

Ajay Ved has played the role of Bhoomayya in it. Confidence is reflected in his character. Perhaps, this is his first film. But still he has proved his acting multitalented performance. The way he has shown Bhoomayya’s emotions, it does not seem that he is acting. He has tried to show Bhoomayya with pure emotional depth. The facial expression and dialogue delivery done by his father’s character can be very impactful.

Ajay Ved, Maya Mannu, Balveer Singh and Nandakishore Ganapati have worked as lead actors in it. All of them have performed their characters well. The acting of village girl Raji played by Maya Mannu is good. Yadagiri has tried to give social and educational message in it.

Matti Katha: Negative Review

The story presentation of the 1st half of Matti Katha is a bit week. Due to which there is delay in understanding and connecting with the character. But after some time its story also succeeds in connecting its audience with the momentum of the story. This film did not have any mass appeal, due to which it remained limited to a limited audience only. If it had been marketed better, it could have been an even bigger hit.

However, nowadays films are of 2 hours or more than 2 hours or approx 2 hours. So that the film can be stretched. But the length of this film is only 1 hrs 31 min approx. The maker of this film has not tried to stretch it at all. Even if the other characters were explored for just a little longer, it would still have been good.

The audience expected something new in its last scene. But its ending ends without any twist and turn. If this scene was shown in a unique way, it could have been more impactful.

Matti Katha: Technical Review

Both its director and writer are Pavan Kadiyala. He has performed decent work in writing and directing. The social messages given by him are also good. Despite the low budget, he has narrated the story with honesty. Its production values are very low and the producer is Appi Reddy. BGM is also good.

Matti Katha Review: Conclusion

Matti Katha is a village emotional drama film in which the problems and issues of the villagers are shown. Ajay Ved’s acting as a lead actor is very attractive. Its screenplay may seem slow in the beginning but after some time you will start getting interested in the story. And can be connectable to its character. Comedy and fun scene elements have also been added so that the audience does not get bored. This is only a 90 min approx film which can be watched one time.

Matti Katha: Box Office, Budget, Producer, Star Cast Etc

Movie NameMatti Katha
StarringAjay Ved
Maya Mannu
Raju Aluri
Akshay Sai
and many more
Release Date22 September 2023
Running Time 1 hrs 30 min
Box OfficeTBA
GenreFamily Drama
DirectorPavan Kadiyala
Writer Pavan Kadiyala
ProducerAppi Reddy
Production Co.Mic Movies
Country India
EditorUday Khumbam
Ram Krishna
Music bySmaran Sai

Matti Katha: Star Cast and Their Role

ActorRole (as)
Ajay VedBhoomayya 
Maya MannuRaji aka Rajyalakshmi
Balveer Singh
Dayaa K
Kanakavva Gote
Mallesh Balatsu
Raju AluriYadhagiri
Bathula TejaRaju
Kethiri Sudhakar
Nanda kishore
Akshai SaiSrinu 

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