Choona Webseries: Review and Story

Choona series has been released. This is a Hindi language heist comedy thriller show in which money is stolen. This series has been premiered on Netflix on 29 September 2023. This is season 1 and it has a total of 8 episodes which can take 4 to 5 hours to watch. In this, Jimmy Shergill, Aashim Gulati, Vikram Kochhar, Namit Das, Chandan Roy and Gyanendra Tripathi can be seen in the lead cast.

Choona Webseries: Story and Plot

This story starts with a politician. He is one of the clever and ruthless man of that place. He believes a lot in superstition. Before starting any work, he first consults an Astrologer. He does many illegal works from which he also earns a lot of money. He has assets worth crores. All the people who are against that politician come together and discuss to get revenge from him.

Because that arrogant politician had troubled all those people a lot. So the group plans to steal the superstitious leader’s money to take revenge. How will that group steal his money? Will he be successful in stealing the money? Will that group be able to take revenge from that politician? The answer to all these questions will be found only when you watch this show.

Choona Webseries: Positive Review

Jimmy Shergill has played the character of Arvind Shukla. He can be seen in the role of a politician in it. He has shown an attitude and arrogance in this character. His screen presence is very strong due to which his acting is interesting. Arshad Warsi is the narrator of this show. He explains the story in his own voice. His style of narrating is good.

This is not a one man show. The importance of each character can be seen. Work has been done on character development and every cast has tried to showcase their talent strongly. The pacing of the show is fast. Comedy and humor can also be seen in it, no attempt has been made to add humor forcefully. The kind of comedy that is shown is based on the situation. The comedy element looks organic.

The motives and reasons of all the characters who want to take revenge from that politician have been established in a good way. Interest is built in seeing their planning and execution. Its screenplay is good due to which the audience connects with its story. Season 1 story is over but hints of season 2 have been given.

Choona Webseries: Negative Review

Major new things cannot be seen in the story but the screenplay helps its story a lot. Because of this the story becomes engaging and thrill moments are seen. Aashim Gulati has played the role of Ansari. His acting performance is decent although his potential may seem low in some scenes.

Perhaps the story has been stretched in the middle part of the show due to which the series has become a little long. Boring feeling is experienced only for a few moments. But the experience of watching this show is going to be very good. Some of the initial episodes are fine to watch but in the later episodes, some things are shown in a simple way. It could have been explained.

Choona Webseries: Technical Review

The way editor Aarti Bajaj has edited the planet scene looks good. BGM is the most important element in this type of heist show. There may be some flaws in the BGM. Music’s Dhruv Ghaneskar could have done even better.

Pushpendra Nath Misra’s directing is decent. Cinematographer Will Humphris and Aditya Kapur have shown many impressive shots. His work is nice. Arshad Warsi has narrated the present day and flashback story well. Its production costs are good and its production company is Flying Saucer.

Choona Webseries Review: Conclusion

This is a fun to watch series. You can enjoy watching its ending. Its 8 episodes will be good to watch but some scenes of some episodes may seem illogical to watch. Situational comedy can be seen in this which is interesting to watch. The screenplay is tight and the pacing of the story is fast due to which perhaps there may not be a boring feeling. A group plans and executes its revenge. That execution is engaging. This is a one time watch series.

Choona Webseries: Cast, Season, Date, Director, Wiki etc

Webseries NameChoona
StarringJimmy Shergill
Aashim Gulati
Vikram Kochhar
Namit Das
Chandan Roy
Gyanendra Tripathi
Release Date29 September 2023
Episode Time 36-50 min
No. of Season1
No. of Episode8
GenreComedy Drama
Thriller Crime
DirectorPushpendra Nath Misra
Narrator Arshad Warsi
CreatorPushpendra Nath Misra
Exe. ProducerSonali Bhatia
Pushpendra Nath Misra
Production Co.Flying Saucer
Original Net.Netflix
Country India
EditorAarti Bajaj
CinematographyWill Humphris
Aditya Kapur
Music byDhruv Ghanekar

Choona: Star Cast and Their Role

Actor Role (as)
Jimmy ShergillAvinash Shukla
Arshad WarsiNarrator
Aashim GulatiYakub Ansari
Vikram KochharContractor JP
Monika PanwarBela
Namit DasTriloki
Chandan RoyBishnu
Gyanendra TripathiBaankey
Niharika Lyra
Kishor Chandra
Atul SrivastavaPandit Upadhyay
Harpreet BindraMadan Singh
Amit SinhaAsthana
Dheerendra DwivediMintu Grenade
Vaibhav MehtaArunoday
Jay MukundaKishor chaurasiya

Choona: All Episode Title and Length

1 Sleep with the Fishes53 min
2Enemy of My Enemy36 min
3Playing with Fire34 min
4Secrets Revealed42 min
5So It Begins…39 min
6Et tu, Brute?43 min
7Caught Before the Act37 min
8The Eclipse50 min

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