Kumari Srimathi: Review and Story

Kumari Srimathi webseries is premiered on Amazon Prime Video on 28 September 2023. This is a family drama show in which the struggle of a woman is shown and indirectly the message of women empowerment is also given. There are total 7 episodes of this series. There are 5 episodes of 40 min and 2 episodes of 45 min approx.

Kumari Srimathi: Story and Plot

This story is about an unmarried woman Kumari Srimathi. She lives on rent in a Sriram house with her mother and grandmother. To run her household, Srimathi works as a chef in a hotel at a low salary. There is ancestral property of Srimathi in the village. But his uncle Keshava Rao files a case to get that property. He wants to sell that property.

During Srimathi’s childhood period, her grandfather had told her to never sell this land. That’s why both Srimathi and Keshava are fighting the case. Keshava submits a deed in the court, in which it is written that his father has transferred the property to him. Then, the court gives Srimathi a chance to buy that property within 6 months.

During this period Srimathi has to deposit a very huge fund. She also thinks of starting a business at some point. Will she be able to save so much money from this job? Will she be able to buy her ancestral property? The answer to all these questions will be found only when you watch this show.

Kumari Srimathi: Positive Review

The plot of this show is very strong but such type of plot has been seen many times. In this, along with family drama and emotion, relation has been added. A message has also been given through this. It evokes family values well. The main element of this show is emotion. Many such scenes can be seen in which the audience can also feel emotional.

What challenges does a woman have to face and she also has to listen to people’s taunts. Pressure for marriage is also created. But a girl bears everything for her dream and fulfills her dream. This series also focuses on women empowerment without putting pressure on anyone.

Nithya Menen has played the role of Srimathi in it. She has carried this show on her shoulders. She has presented the emotion and pain well in her character. The audience can connect with the feeling and pain of her character.

Gauthami played the role of Srimathi’s mother Devika in it. She has displayed the real feeling of mother in a natural way. She performed this character brilliantly. All the supporting cast have also tried to give their best performance.

The village environment has been adopted in the right way. The filming location matches its plot, due to which the story seems relatable. Along with the social message, family value and emotion has been added greatly. If it is watched with family, it may look even more interesting.

Kumari Srimathi: Negative Review

The love chemistry angle could have been executed better, then it would have looked even more engaging and lovable. The scenes of some episodes seem lengthy which gives a boring feeling but the story comes back to its phase again. Its story may seem predictable in some moments.

In some scenes its story seems slow and going out of track but after some time Nithya brings that plot back on track. It’s nice to see the twists and turns shown in flashbacks. The audience may be disappointed after seeing its climax and ending because the most important element of a story is its ending.

Kumari Srimathi: Technical Review

Gomtesh Upadhye’s directing is simple and good. He did not add any unnecessary thing in it. But some scenes can be made even better. Its simple story has been well written. Its writers are Uday Aghamarshan, Jayanth Tadinada, Kaushik Subrahmanya and Srinivas Avasarala.

Kamran and Staccato have done an okay job adding music and background score to the show. Editor Srujana Adusumilli’s editing is nice. Cinematographer Mohana Krishna’s work is decent.

Kumari Srimathi Review: Conclusion

Nothing unique can be noticed in its story because many films like this have been seen. What is going to happen next in this story can be guessed. Nithya has put extra effort in this show through her character. Entertainment and comedy may be seen but the love story may not seem that interesting. Overall, this is a one time watchable show in which the value of family is shown.

Kumari Srimathi: Release Date,Cast, Season, Producer, Wiki

Webseries NameKumari Srimathi
StarringNithya Menen
Release Date28 September 2023
No. of Season1
No. of Episodes7
Running Time40 to 45 min
DirectorGomtesh Upadhye
CreatorSrinivas Avasarala
Story byBalabadhrapathruni
Screenplay bySrinivas Avasarala
Writer Uday Aghamarshan
Jayanth Tadinada
Kaushik Subrahmanya
Srinivas Avasarala
ProducerPriyanka Dutt
Swapna Dutt
Production Co.Early Monsoon Tales
Original NetworkAmazon Prime
Original LanguageTelugu
Country India
EditorSrujana Adusumilli
Camera SetupMulti Camera
CinematographyMohana Krishna

Kumari Srimathi: Star Cast and Their Role

Nithya Menen Kumari Srimathi
Thiruveer Abhinav 
Nirupam Paritala Sriram
Prem SagarKeshav Rao
Mahesh AchantaChanti
Murali MohanPrabhakar Rao
Naresh Visweshwar Rao
NaniHimself (cameo)
Parneeta Patnaik Kalyani
Madhavi LathaSwarnamma
Gavireddy SrinivasDorababu
Usha SreeHema
Lakshmi VennelaValli
Vijay BhaskarBhajagovindam
Akshay LagusaniSantosh
Sathya ReddySubba Rao
Venu PolasaniPeddayya
Jabardast DorababuBank Manager

Kumari Srimathi: Season 1 Episode Name and Length

No. of EpisodeTitleLengthDirector
1Rajnikanth. Abdul Kalam.
Itikelapudi Srimathi
36 minGomtesh Upadhye
2Muhurtalu Pettukondi39 minGomtesh Upadhye
3Saarochhaaru39 minGomtesh Upadhye
4Taagipoduru Gaaka39 minGomtesh Upadhye
5Laabhamgaa Thaagandi40 minGomtesh Upadhye
6Kshemamgaa Thaagandi44 minGomtesh Upadhye
7Willa? Illa? Milla?45 minGomtesh Upadhye

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