Extra Ordinary Man Movie: Review

Extra Ordinary Man movie has been released in theaters. This is a Telugu language action film whose running time is 2 hr 37 min. Nithin and Sreeleela have worked as lead actors. It has been released on 8 December 2023 in many languages. Its director is Vakkantham Vamsi.

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Story and Plot

At the beginning of the story, Abhinay is shown who is a junior artist. He has the art of acting since childhood and wants to become a hero. He meets the company’s MD Likitha and falls in love with her. And he starts playing the role of CEO of that company. He gets an offer to become a hero but his life gets a twist.

He does not understand the difference between reel and real life. Now he himself has to handle this situation. Will he be able to solve the challenges of his life? What changes started coming in his life? The answer to these questions will be found in the film.

Positive Review

Nithin has played the character of Abhinay. He has done remarkable work in this role. He has presented his comedy art and Stlyish look. There are many funny moments in comedic time. Vakkantham Vamsi narrated this action comedy film well and recognized Nithin’s acting potential.

Rao Ramesh has played the role of father very well. He has shined once again. You might really like the on screen combination of him and Nithin. Rajashekar’s role and screen time are limited but his performance is fine. Apart from Brahmaji, Hyper Adhi, many cast have used their potential and contributed to the plot.

Negative Review

In the beginning the story has been built. Puzzles have been created in the first half which are engaging but in the second half the director has to struggle to maintain that factor. Sudev Nair is not able to create much impact in the role of villain. Many songs are good but some songs needed work.

The story could have been made more interesting. The screenplay is loud in many parts but is later improved and made engaging. Story manly depends on screenplay and comedy. The film feels lengthy in some portions due to which the interest starts to wane.

Sreeleela has played the role of Likitha. She has also tried to perform her best. She has introduced the love angle with Nithin but her acting talent was not utilized well. She has been given limited screen time and her character could have been further developed.

Technical Review

Vakkantham Vamsi has done a fine job in direction. The story is interesting but in terms of writing his work is okay. The story could have been made more interesting and exciting. Screenplay, comedy and twist have helped a lot.

Music by Harris Jayaraj’s work could have been better. Cinematography work is also decent. Prawin Pudi’s work on editing is okay because the 2nd half could have been made smooth and the length could have been reduced. Production values are decent.

Extra Ordinary Man Review: Conclusion

Extra Ordinary Man is an action comedy drama film in which comedy element works. Nithin and Rao Ramesh have used their acting well in comedy scenes. The storyline is simple. 1st half is engaging but 2nd half needs improvement.

Cast, Director, Wiki, More Info etc

Movie NameExtra Ordinary Man
Dr. Rajasekhar
Sudhev Nair
and others
Release Date8 December 2023
Running Time 2 hr 37 min
GenreAction . Drama .
Comedy .
DirectorVakkantham Vamsi
Writer Vakkantham Vamsi
ProducerN. Sudhakar Reddy
Nikitha Reddy
Production Co.Aditya Productions
& Entertainment,
Ruchira Entertainment,
Sreshth Movies
Country India
EditorPrawin Pudi
CinematographyArthur A. Wilson ISC
Yuvraj J
Sai Sriram
Music byHarris Jayaraj

Extra Ordinary Man: Star Cast and Their Role

Actor Role as
Sudev Nair
Rao Ramesh
Harsha Vardhan
Pavitra Naresh
Ravi Varma
Hyper Aadi
Venkatesh Mummidi
Jagadeesh Prathap
Soniya Singh
Hari Teja
Srikanth Iyengar
Rupa Lakshmi
Satya Krishnan
Sahithi Dasari
Priyanka KD

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