Vadhuvu Web Series: Review

Vadhuvu Webseries has been released. This is a Drama Thriller series of Telugu language. This is Season 1 and it has total 7 episodes. The length of the episode is 17 min to 23 min. It has been released on OTT Platform Hotstar on 8 December 2023. Avika Gor, Ali Reza, Nandu, Roopa Laxmi, Mounika and Madhavi Prasad have worked as lead actors. Its director is Poluru Krishna.

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Story and Plot

This is the story of Anjuri Indu who faces many problems in her marriage. Because her sister elopes with her fiance. After several months, she gets married to Anand but things are not going smoothly. Because someone wants to stop her marriage and also wants to kill her. There are many dark past and secrets in her in-laws’ house. How many problems will she have to face in the house of in laws. Will she be able to know the past and secret of that house? The answer to this will be found in Vadhuvu webseries.

Positive Review

There is a girl in the story who faces many problems in her marriage. There are many mysterious secrets in the house of her in-laws. That girl also has a secret past. Will the in-laws know the secret of that girl?

The story has been built up and introduced well. The mystery and world of the character have been explored. Mystery and suspense have been well created and maintained. The writing and presentation of the story has been done in an engaging way. Curiosity increases to know the further story. Many thrilling moments have also been added.

Avika Gor plays the character of Anjuri Indu. Her mysterious character has been established well. She leads the show and her performance is good. Ali Reza’s performance really surprises.

Nandu has played the role of Indu’s husband Anand. His work is decent. BGM has helped a lot in creating a tense and suspenseful environment. The theme of the series is dark. The pacing has also been handled well. Excitement is created to know the mystery.

Negative Review

The beginning of the first episode could have been done better and the dialogues could have been made better. Some scenes are not able to create that much impact. At some places the pacing is maintained and at some places it needs improvement. There are thrilling moments in it but it does not give a next level experience.

Climax may not look convincing. The story has not been completed in this season. We will have to wait for its next season.

Technical Review

Poluru Krishna’s work in terms of directing is impressive. He has made the story interesting but the pacing becomes slow in some portions.

Cinematography by Ram K Mahesh is good. BGM By Sriram Maddury is very interesting and creates thrilling moments. Production value is good. Editing by Anil Kumar is okay because some parts also needed better work.

Vadhuvu Web Series: Conclusion

This is a thriller series in which the mystery and secret of a girl’s married life is covered. There are many engaging characters and many interesting moments. The story is good but the execution can be improved at some places.

Cast, Director, Wiki, More Info etc

Webseries NameVadhuvu
StarringAvika Gor
Ali Reza
V.S. Roopa Laxmi
and others
Release Date8 December 2023
Running Time
17 – 23 min
CertificationU/A 16+
No. of season1
No. of episodes 7
GenreThriller . Drama
DirectorPoluru Krishna
OTT PlatformDisney+ Hotstar
ProducerShrikanth Mohta
Mahendra Soni
Production Co.Hotstar Specials
SVF Entertainment
Country India
EditorAnil Kumar
CinematographyRam K Mahesh
Music bySriram Maddury

Vadhuvu: All Episode Title and List

S1 E1The Leaf23 min
S1 E2The Shadow21 min
S1 E3Sherlock Holmes20 min
S1 E4The Secret19 min
S1 E5The Stranger19 min
S1 E6The Bookstore17 min
S1 E7The Investigation21 min

Vadhuvu: Star Cast and Their Role

ActorRole as
Sreedhar Reddy
Avika Gor
Mounika Prasad
Kanchan Bamane
Ali Reza
Roopa Laxmi
Nandu Vijay
Surabhi Padmaja
Subhasree Roy
Amma Ramesh
Klk Mani
Sreddevi Arroju
Tulasi Srinivas
Surabhi Deepthi

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