Jawan Trailer Review: The trailer of the century

Now the spelling of cinema will start with J instead of C. Because J for Jawan. Some trailers are liked by the public and some blow people’s senses. But these are the trailers from which the entire film industry will learn how to make trailers. Everyone is happy who was waiting for SRK since 4 years. No one would have thought that SRK’s entry would be so explosive. The truth is that this trailer is the trailer of the century. I liked SRK’s villain avatar very much because only SRK can do this by showing the status of his enemy while laughing. It’s been a long time since we heard good dialogues. After the films Darr, Baazigar, this avatar of SRK was missing. But finally, the entire film industry has bowed down in front of the avatar with which SRK The Villain has made a comeback.

We all are happy with one SRK but here there is a collection of 6 to 7 SRKs. If any SRK fan has dreamed of how he would look if he did a mass film, then the answer is Jawan. SRK understands the emotions of his fans very well. You must have heard about First Day First Show but after watching the trailer of Jawan, all the theaters will be full and the trend of Fast Day Fast Show will start. Whoever was a little angry with Anirudh after listening to jawan’s songs, now their anger will end with Anirudh. The background music made each and every scene better. Their visuals are so creative that you will feel as if every frame is a painting. Even if you watch it on mute, you will still like it.

This is the biggest surprise which no one expected. When the film Jawan was announced, everyone felt that the story would not be strong and the film would work only on the basis of style. But this trailer changed the whole story, this film has the story of past, present and future. If there is one actor in the entire Indian cinema who can mess with SRK on the basis of his acting and style, then it is Vijay Sethupathi. What a powerful entry Vijay has made in the trailer. SRK The Villain Vs Vijay The Villain, it will be very difficult to choose between the two. I feel that the pairing of SRK and Vijay will be more famous than the pairing of SRK and Kajol. Now this pair will not be the last but in the coming time both of them can be seen together.

The trailer of Jawan is of 2.45 min. There is so much action and drama in it that it seems as if people will go crazy in love with SRK. It is clear that the father-son angle will also be shown in it. When its preview came, the hype had increased but after watching the trailer the hype increased even more. According to BookmyShow, more than 5 lakh people have shown interest. Even on ImdB, 68%+ people have chosen Jawan among the top 10 movies. When you analyze its trailer, you will definitely remember Amitabh Bachchan’s film “Aakhri Raasta”. Because in this film also there was a father-son role and a revenge scene.

This movie is going to be around 2h 49m. Time seems a bit long but if the story is strong then there will be no problem. This film has got UA certification, so this film can also be family friendly. Ruben has edited this film. Ruben has edited blockbuster films like Bigil, Mersal and Pushpa. Every scene in the trailer is seen with visuals and cinematography. I feel that after watching the film, you will enjoy it many times more than what you enjoyed in the preview and trailer. According to many articles, the budget of this film is said to be 300 crores. This film will target a very mass audience. There is a potential in this film that it will break all the records of box office collection. Right now we can only predict about this film. How much people have liked this film, it will be known only after watching the film.

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