Dream Girl 2 Movie Review: Ayushmann Playing a role of Pooja

You must have noticed that after Part 1, Part 2 is a very difficult task. Most of the people fail in this task. But there are some such films which also win the hearts of the public. If the public gives love, then all the records can be broken. Now, after Gadar 2, Dream Girl 2 has also come in the sequel race. Pooja who won the hearts of the public 3 years ago with a budget of 28 crores did a box office collection of 200 crores. It sounds a bit impossible to hear. But whether the same thing is there in Part 2 or not, or it has been brought in the race just to earn money, or maybe there is some specialty in this movie. Let’s know about it.

This time the story has moved ahead. The earlier dream girl was only heard, but this time she can be seen through the eyes as well. Talking to 10 people with one phone is easy but romancing a dream girl face to face is a bit difficult. Even the romance was fine, but one boy marrying another boy disguised as a girl, this thing is not digestible. Giving an identity to the voice of Dream Girl means that part one is being promoted. If the dream girl starts appearing instead of being heard, then there will be more entertainment. In fact, this should be an advantage for Dream Girl. But here it became a challenge for Dream Girl. We have a wealth of entertainment. Govinda sir’s 25 years old Aunty No 1 movie is still considered iconic because of his acting. There comedy is not done only with words, but there comedy is done with the situation. Jokes do not have to be told, rather jokes have to be laughed at.

When Ayushmann was given the old role in Dream Girl 2, then there was bound to be a comparison between the new and the old film. The most important thing about this film is that this film has been made for middle class people like us. It is not a common thing to do comedy in the voice of a boy to a girl. Dream Girl 2’s comedy or chutkule pe humsaab hase to zaroor hain but it lacks in situation, emotion and feeling. Whatever situation was shown in this film like marriage of one boy to another boy and spending many days at in-laws house after marriage. In this situation, the public will not have that much faith.

It was already clear that films like Dream Girl 2 will be made with little over acting. Acting and dialogue are over but the style of speaking that dialogue is also over. Before going to watch Dream Girl 2, you have to put your mind to the side because everything is over in it. When we compare Dream Girl 2 with Dream Girl, then it will be known that there was a lot of power in that story and that story can be trusted. An unemployed boy disguises himself as a girl to earn money. Shares their feeling and earns money in return.

But in Dream Girl 2, there is no sequence to the story. It seems that many relationships have been forced into each other. If you watch this film with your family, then you will enjoy the comedy factor. According to me, by making a sequel to Part 1, the respect of that film has been reduced. Ayushman is over in acting, no doubt about it. I am not used to seeing them overacting but they are very entertaining. Ananya spoils the atmosphere of this film a bit because she acts not only over but over and over. What to talk about his acting, the whole public is already aware of this.

Children, old and young can watch this movie together. There are few funny scenes in it but they are very funny. It seems that there is no story in this but it is a 2 hour comedy show. Don’t go to see this movie alone. Don’t expect anything in comparison to Part 1 or expect anything from it.

I would give this film 2.5 out of 5 stars according to me.

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