Taali Review: A Story of Trandgender

My dear friends. Today we will talk about Taali web series. Taali webseries is the story of a transgender Shree Gauri Sawant. What work does it do for the future of transgenders. We get to see all these things in this show. The show has a total of 6 episodes and each episode is of approximately 30 minutes. Till date, no show has talked about the life of transgender so closely. But this show has shown everything that how a transgender has to face difficulties to live.

Gauri had to face many difficulties since childhood. His father and sister had despised him. She is thrown out of the society and she survives by begging in Bombay. This story inspires everyone that every gender should be respected in the society. Transgender has been kept in the lead or centric role in it.

This story is very incredible. In the beginning we see Ganesha. When he tells his teacher, I want to be a mother. Then all the children make fun of him and laugh. His father is a police. He is misunderstood by this act of his. Her father gets his treated by a doctor, then she runs away to Bombay city. Where they find a transgender and ask them for alms by wearing a frock on the road. After that he would come across a situation when she turns from Ganesh to Gauri Sawant. She gets happy with this thing. Gauri wants to get every facility for a transgender like herself, which is available to every citizen of India. Because before transgender does not get that much facility in comparison to normal citizen. She has neither any respect nor status in the society, she wants to show it. She goes to the Supreme Court for the existence of the transgender community so, that they can get justice. At last they get justice.

Sometime back she appeared in a short film cum advertisement. That little ad tells his whole story. Did you know this?

Now, because this series is a biopic from Ganesh to Gauri. From my personal view, the character of Sushmita Sen shines but the makers could not show this story effectively or impactfully. The series ended in a flash, but the audience didn’t feel as much pain as it should have. Means they did not feel relatable and sympathetic. The first two episodes of this series are very good and engaging. The third and fourth episodes seem to deviate a bit from the story but in the fifth and sixth episodes, the story comes back to its track. It would not be wrong to say that “this is the best acting of Sushmita Sen’s career.” Whenever she is in the character of Gauri, then everything is the best. But when she is in the character of Ganesha, her hair looks a bit fake.

At some places, the work of the camera remains low performance work. It can be seen even today, how much the transgender has to suffer for survival, existence and respect in his life. The series shows how transgenders may be different only in gender but they are not different at all from the common man. There are some abuses in this series but there is absolutely no nudity in it. This series has got UA certificate. If your age is 16 or 16+ then you can also watch this series with your family member. However, In this show, more work should have been done in a little emotion.

Whatever work Shrigauri Sawant ji is doing in real life, I salute her from the bottom of my heart. According to me, I want to give this series 3 out of 5 stars.

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