Gadar 2 Review: Tara Singh’s and Sakina love story begin

The film was as expected and as expected. They are not like that at all. People have a 22 year old relationship with this film. That’s why this film is not going to make any difference to the bad reviews. The audience will watch this film no matter what. But taking wrong advantage of that 22 years of waiting and inciting treason in the name of the film, I feel bad.

This time the story of this film could have become very funny because in the year 1971 Bangladesh was formed as a new country in the eyes of the world by breaking Pakistan. As the film Gadar was a film based on the partition of India-Pakistan in 1947, this time there is zero in the political angle. There is only family drama in it. You can see Vidyut Jamwal’s film IB 71. We became fans because of Sunny Paaji’s famous dialogue and his emotion in Gadar. Each and every word of his, has touched the heart from the ears. If his dialogues are taken away from Paaji, then all his noise will not make any difference. Normal conversation between two people is boring. Some people had said that the film Gadar 2 is just an excuse. The director has to save his son’s career.

Utkarsh Sharma has been given full time in the first half. Sunny Deol is remembered in the second half to save the sinking boat of this film. The credit for making the film boring for half the time has been given to two characters, Utkarsh and Kaur. An attempt was made to show Sakina’s love triangle, but the love triangle of these new characters makes them boring. If Sunny Paaji is removed from this film for a while, then everyone has over-acted with all their hard work. Somewhere or the other it seems that Tara and Sakina are being replaced by these two new characters. Writing is week in this film but dialogues are more week than that. We love Tara Singh’s high-octane action sequences in Gadar, so his action was blockbuster and his screen presence was menacing. But in Gadar 2 his action is normal. In this you will remember the action of old Tara Singh. Gadar 2 is not even 50% of the old Gadar. This is because in the old film every character had a motive. The most useless character of this film is Villain. People were expecting that Amrish would be a villain in a head-to-head fight, but it is not like that at all. The villain of this film looks like a goat in front of a lion like Tara Singh.

Even after the last 20 years, Sunny Deol has proved that he is in his old energy, style and action. But for the slightly bad script of this film, we are missing the old Gadar a lot. It was a great pleasure to see Sunny Paaji as an actor in this film. But Sakina’s character of Ameesha Patel was not liked that much as she no longer had that charm. Sakina pissed us off here. The best thing about this film is that the old songs of this film have not been changed even a bit. Listening to the songs of this film brings back memories of the old film. Its new songs are much weeker than the old songs.

At the end of this film, when Sunny Deol comes back to his old action, then you can believe that your money has been recovered. Sunny paji will come here only for a short time but will leave after showing  his strength status to enemies. Paaji wants to give a good message in the climax of this film. The presence or absence of Ameesha Patel in this film is equal. Sakina, because of which Gadar started, she seems to be missing from this film. Our mind and heart had connected with Gadar, but in Part 2 we are not able to connect and relate at all.

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