Tiger 3: Poster Teaser Review

There may be many heroes of mass cinema but there is only one father of mass cinema, Salman Khan. With just one film of his, the entire Indian cinema gets to know what mass cinema is. The official announcement teaser of Tiger 3 has been released. Is back with more action than you would have expected. The happiest thing is that the final date of Tiger 3 has arrived. This film will be released on Diwali 2023. If Salman Bhai says then the film will be released on the day of Diwali. This means that after just 2 months only one slogan will be echoed in the theatre, Tiger Zinda Hai.

The poster of this film shows that Salman Khan and Katrina are there, and some secret mission is going on. Salman’s super agent look is very powerful. On top of this poster it is written in big letters “Following The Event of Tiger Zinda hai WAR PATHAAN”.

This shows how much fun this story is going to be. The most fun in this film will be when we watch “Tiger with Pathan” together. When Salman, Shahrukh and Hrithik will be seen together in the theatre, then people in the theater will go crazy. Along with this, Deepika Padukone, Alia and Katrina can also be seen in this film.

The audience goes crazy with the comeback of Salman Khan. But Bollywood’s army is coming with them, now you can imagine how much fun it is going to be. This film is going to be the most important film of YRF’s spy universe, because a lot of interesting things are going to happen at the end of this film. The whistle and applause that will be heard in the theater will be heard all over India.

Shahrukh’s film Jawan is coming on 7th September. Salman can also be seen along with Shahrukh in this film. YRF can promote the film Tiger 3 in Jawan film.

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