Jawan Review: How SRK leading the Mass Cinema

A film like SRK’s JAWAN is made only once in many years. The fun of watching this film with everyone is different. Many people say that no one can beat time. But SRK is a name which is 10 years ahead of time. In the year 2011, there was a film called Raone and VFX was used extensively in that film. But from the year 2023 Adipurush film, it was understood that Raone film’s VFX was better than Adipurush.

Everyone releases a film during the festival, but only SRK can make the release of the film become a festival. In this film, he calls himself a villain who plays with the lives of 300 people simultaneously. All life ends with the press of a button. It is going to be more fun watching this film than reading the story of this film. Such scenes have been shown in this film which can make SRK India’s mass cinema hero. The interval of this film is iconic. You would not have seen such crazy movement in any film of Indian cinema till date.

By watching its interval scenes, other filmmakers will learn how to make mass cinema. You will remember 4-5 minutes of this film for years. Audiences go crazy seeing just one SRK. But here is SRK’s package. In this, one SRK is competing with the other SRK as to which character the audience will like. If you are a true SRK fan then you will get emotional while watching JAWAN. Only kids of the year 2000 can feel this film of SRK.

In the film Pathan, when SRK’s entry or Salman and SRK came together, there would not have been that much whistling and clapping at that time. When people saw JAWAN today, they whistled and clapped. You are going to see one massive scene after another in this. This film has not only action but also emotions. It has full of surprises. SRK has brought a concept for his film which matches our reality.

Only SRK has the creativity to convey the message through mass cinema. Evil SRK also has evil dialogues like “Talk to the father before touching the son.” This is just an example but Evil has shaken the system of the entire country. After watching this film you will also become a fan of Anirudh. SRK is doing action in the film but Anirudh’s background music is making that scene many times more fun.

All the films made in the name of women empowerment are nothing in comparison to this film. Our hero is SRK but behind every successful man there is a woman. The biggest example is Nayanthara’s performance. Nayanthara has given 100% competition to the hero. He proved that whatever work a hero can do, a heroine can also do it. One scene of Nayanthara in the movie JAWAN can give competition to the rest of the actress’s career.

To win the hearts of the audience in any film, not much screen time is required but a big role is important. Vijay Sethupati proved this. He comes late in the film but comes with a grand entry. Only Vijay can make any dialogue famous in his unique style. The character of senior SRK in this film is a character of moving tsunami and fire. This character of his reflects mass cinema. With a cigar in his mouth and a belt in his hand, this character of his gives competition to other mass cinema films.

Bad Review on Jawan

Cameos were not used as much as they should have been in this film.
Deepika appears in this film only for a short while. His impact could not be felt at all.
Aetly made the interval very massy but lagged far behind in making the climax of the film massy.

Good Points Review on Jawan

Anirudh’s Massy music won everyone’s hearts.
The crazyness and emotion in Jawan’s interval scene was very next level.
Promoting Women Empowerment.
The 1st half of this film was many times better than the 2nd half.

According to me, I will give this film 4 stars out of 5 stars.

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