Yashoda Movie Review: Samantha’s Suspenseful Surrogacy Story

Brief Story

At Dr. Madhu’s surrogacy center named EVA, a poor girl, Yashoda, agrees to become a surrogate mother. The financial condition of all the girls in that center is bad. Gradually he starts suspecting that some crime is happening there. After that she tries to know the truth about that centre. Actually, she is an IPS trainee officer who rescues Eva to bring the dark truth in front of everyone.

Yashoda Movie: Negative Point


The screenplay of this film is very bad. There is a scene in the 1st half when a child kicks from inside the stomach. So singing started to put the child to sleep. There are some such illogical scenes. The audience wants to relate to this film but due to some of its scenes it does not seem relatable. In the first half, it seems as if the comedy scenes are being performed forcefully. When such good actors play illogical scenes, it feels like we are watching a cartoon.

Action Scene

When Samantha and the goons fight, in an action scene Samantha tells them to lower their guns. Then those goons put down their guns. After this Yashoda shoots the goons one after the other. But none of those goons use guns. After watching this film, it seems that the director did not give his best. Had the screenplay and action choreography been good, the audience would have liked this film more.

Yashoda Movie: Positive Point

Film Concept

The concept of this film is very unique. Have seen many films based on surrogacy but in this film surrogacy has been shown as a black business. I liked the story of this film. I can’t tell much about this story, when you see it you will definitely like the story.

1st Half Story

In the 1st half of this film, twists and turns are shown after every few minutes. In the 1st half, two stories are shown side by side. On one hand the film director has shown Samantha’s surrogacy story and on the other hand, the police investigation. In both these stories, the suspense has been served very well to the audience.

Set Design

This movie creates an environment. There is a surrogacy company named Eva where girls get pregnant and give birth to children for money. There are twists in this scene. The set designs of this film are very good such as the lab, rooms and pregnancy facility space. Samantha’s acting is so good, that you will forget in the first half that you are watching a movie. His screen presence is felt by every audience.

Personal View on Yashoda Movie Review

I was excited after watching the trailer of this movie. Because its story was kept in great suspense. In this film, Samantha comes to know that some crime is happening behind surrogacy. This story gradually progresses with twists. Some twists were good but some twists were not so good. It seems that we have praised South films too much. The concept of this film is good but there is a slight lack in the twist presentation. The VFX of this movie is of low quality. Like the helicopter VFX in the end. I couldn’t believe that I was watching a South film. The concept of this film was good but work is needed in VFX. There is no adult scene in this film. You can watch this film with family.

More Info of Yashoda:
ProducerSivalenka Krishna Prasad
StarringSamantha Ruth Prabhu
Unni Mukundan
Varalaxmi Sarathkumar
Murali Sharma
Rao Ramesh
CinematographyM Sukumar
EditorMarthand K. Venkatesh
MusicianMani Sharma
Production Co.Sridevi Movies
Film DistributorSakthi Film Factory
Release Date11 November 2022
Movie Length2 Hrs 12 minutes
Budget30 to 40 crore
Box Office Collection 40 to 50 crore (est)

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