Dasara Movie Review: Nani and Kerthy together Looking Good

Brief Story

Dharani (Nani), a coal thief, lives with her grandmother in a village called Veerlapalli. Every person in that village is addicted to alcohol. Dharani spends his childhood with Suri and Vennela (Kerthy Suresh). Dharani had addiction to alcohol and smoking since childhood. He loves Vennela since childhood. But Vennela falls in love with Suri. Dharani sacrifices Vennela for his friend Suri. The Sarpanch Chhina Nambi had a problem with Suri’s coal theft. On the night Suri and Vennela get married, a mysterious gang kills Suri. The Sarpanch orders that gang to kill Suri. Because the Sarpanch has lust for Vennela. To save Vennela from the Sarpanch, Dharani marries her. After this, he kills the Sarpanch. To save the village man from alcohol addiction, he sets the liquor shop on fire.

Dasara Movie Review: Positive Point


There are twists after every 5 minutes in the first half, you will not be bored at all. The scene of the cricket match was good. In this scene it is seen whether the hero will choose his love or his friend. It will be a lot of fun to watch the coal robbery, political setup and love triangle.


Cinematography has been used very well in this film. Works at the best level in Telugu film cinematography. In this film it seems as if the film has been shot in a coal mine. The song which has been shot on coal powder satisfies us.


Before the interval, there is a scene in which there is bloodshed. Then it seems that the interval should end quickly and the further story should be shown. Everyone gets shocked after seeing this action.

Superstar Nani

Nani has displayed his screenplay very well. This is a character who smokes all day long. But he is a good person at heart. People connect themselves with this character. Once the hero connects with the audience, then the audience also gets connected with the hero’s feelings.

Dasara Movie Review: Negative Points

Hindi Song

The Hindi dubbed songs of this film will not feel even the slightest. There is neither tune nor rhythm in this song. Seeing the song on the screen will feel good but listening to the same song will not feel good. The Hindi dialogue dubbing of this film is good.

2nd half Screenplay

After watching the second half, it seems that there is neither any logic or sense in it. The villain is shown confused. 

Dasara Movie Review: Personal View

Ever since the trailer of this film came out, many people were connecting it with the film Pushpa. The answer is big no. This is the story of a coal mine, near which there is a village. Coal mine has no connection with its story. Due to the presence of a mine nearby, both the soil and the face have turned black. The story line and screenplay of this film are well written. The presentation of this film is also good. Background, visuals, character appearance and BGM connect to the storyline and also connect the audience.

The story has been narrated well in the first half. Looking at some scenes of 15-20 minutes, it seems that the story is being prolonged. The scene before the interval introduces a twist in the story. You will enjoy watching that scene. The story becomes revengefull in the second half. Be it Nani’s love expression or revenge expression, he displays both the expressions at his best.

The artist has matched Nani’s voice in Hindi dubbed also. Hindi dubbing of all the characters is also good. The interval and climax scenes of this film are good. Social issues are discussed in the beginning of this film and a social message is also given in the end. There is no abuse and intimate scenes in this film. The ending of this film is a perfect climax. There should be less songs in this film because due to songs this film feels slow.

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