Kabzaa Movie Review: A Cheaper Version of KGF

Breief Story

Arkeshwar, a young boy, becomes an Air Force pilot. When he comes to his mother and brother in his village Amarapura for a holiday, he falls in love with Princess Madhumati. Both of them were already in love. Gang wars keep happening in amarapura. In a gang war, Arkeshwar’s brother Sankeshwara is killed by a gangster named Khaleed. Arkeshwar takes his revenge and becomes the king of gangsters. After this he marries Princess Madhumati and they both have two children. Madhumati’s father (Veer Bahadur) is not happy with their marriage.

Kabzaa Movie Review: Script and Technical Analysis

After watching the trailer of Kabzaa film, people started comparing this film with KGF. The styling, look and tone of this film is a bit like KGF. But we cannot compare this film with KGF. The title of this film is “Kabzaa” because the hero starts capturing the gangster’s territory. The storyline of this film is not able to engage the audience even a little. Many characters are added from the beginning till the end but after some time the same character is removed. The audience’s time is wasted by adding those characters. A big cast was shown in the trailer of this film but in this film those casts were shown for a very short time. Watching this film gives a feeling of cheap KGF. All these scenes like fight scene, over music, BGM, gunshot sound are more in this film. The editing of this film is not good because after every few minutes a black screen appears. In this film it seemed as if many of the actors were overacting. The Hindi dubbing of this film could have been better.

Kabzaa Movie Review: Negative Points


The action of this film itself is very negative. Negative things are shown in the beginning of the film itself. The scene which should happen at the end is shown in the beginning itself. People are unable to connect with this scene. Low quality vfx have been used. Background music is very irritating.

Lead Actor

With great respect I want to say that lead actor Upendra has not worked even a little hard. There is no expression visible from the start till the interval. Only his stone face expression is visible. After the interval it seems that he has mimicked Yash. Many actors appear to be over-acting.


Nowadays the focus is on dialogue in every South film. The dialogues of this film have been spoken in poetry. A huge audience in India likes Beyond the Truth films. If you are a fan of KGF then perhaps you will not like this film.

Love story

Couldn’t understand the romance of this movie. I couldn’t understand when their love story started and when it ended.

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