Cobra Movie Review: Vikram’s Complicated Thriller Movie

Brief Story

Mathi is a mathematics genius professor as well as an assassin. He goes undercover and commits many big crimes. He commits crimes for the sadistic business magnate. A Turkish interpole officer investigates the crime committed by them and gives Mathi a nickname of Cobra. Mathi is forced to assassinate the Defense Minister but later it is revealed that they are twin brothers.

In the story of this film, you are going to explore family power, redemption and revenge. This film is set in India and Russia. The main characters are Mathi, his twin brother Kathir, interpole officer Aslan and criminologist Judith. The story of this film is full of action, drama, thriller, twists and turns.

Cobra Movie Review:Positive and Negative Points

Vikram is an actor who does very different films. His script selection is different from other films. Be it Aparichit or I film, his script selection of these films is good. Both these movies were masterpiece movies. If we look at it technically, his new film Cobra is also a slightly different film.

Two murders are shown in the beginning. People know that this murder was committed by a cobra. But no one knows who Cobra is. Vikram has played many characters in this film. In some characters they were not even recognisable.

This is the story of a mathematical genius named Mathi. The code name of this character is cobra. Cobra is a genius mathematician as well as an assassin. Irfan Pathan has played the character of Aslan. He has played the role of an interpol officer. Their mission is to catch the cobra. Whether Aslan is able to catch this person named Cobra or not, you will know only after watching the film.

The worst thing about this film is that it is very long. The running time of this film is 3 hrs 3 min. You may find this film lengthy in the second half. It would be nice to see the story of the first half. There is also a good twist in the interval. If we compare the climax of this film with the interval, then the interval twist is the best.

Cobra Movie Review: Script Analysis

This film engages its audience at the time of starting. But sometimes this film may seem fast and sometimes slow. Vikram has eliminated all the negative points because of his acting. He plays many characters for a short period of time. You will definitely like many of his characters.

There is a scene of his interrogation in the second half. Watching that scene you may be reminded of the movie Aparichit. The acting he has done in that interrogation is really worthy of praise. Flashback stories keep going on in the background of this movie. This flashback seems a bit week.

Cobra Movie Review: Conclusion

This is a psychological and thriller movie, in which the focus is on psychological issues, depression and hallucination. If you look at some scenes very closely, you can spot many mistakes in them. This story seems a bit confusing in some scenes.

Vikram’s acting is good in this film but apart from his acting, no other character is that engaging. There is a little kissing scene and bikini girl in the beginning of this film. Apart from this, there is no adult scene in this film. You can watch this movie with your friends, brother and sister.

More Info:

Irfan Pathan
Roshan Mathew and more.
Budget100 crore
Box office collection42 crore (est)
DirectorR. Ajay Gnanamuthu
WriterR. Ajay Gnanamuthu
Neelan K. Sekar
Kanna Sreevathsan
Azaruddin Alauddin
Innasi Pandiyan
Bharat Krishnamachari
ProducerS. S. Lalit Kumar
Production CompanySeven Screen Studio
CinematographyHarish Kannan
EditorBhuvan Srinivasan
John Abraham
MusicianA. R. Rahman
Release Date31 August 2022
Film Length3 hrs 3 min

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