Mastaney Movie Review: Positive and Negative Points of this film

Brief Story

The story is of the year 1739 when Sikh rebellions attack Nadir Shah’s army and protect their region from him. Nader orders his army to capture those Sikh rebellions but his army is unable to capture the Sikh rebellions. Nadir Shah sends 5 non-Sikhs to find out who those Sikh rebellions were. As time passes, Nader comes to know what Sikhs are. There is also a love story in this story. Whether Nadir Shah’s army will be able to capture the Sikh rebellions or not, it will be known only after watching the film.

Mastaney Movie Review: Positive and Negative Point

The new film Mastaney from the Punjabi region of the Indian film industry has been released. The story of this film is based on a historical movement. When a group of Sikhs looted Nadir Shah’s group and saved his mother and sister from Shah’s army. Nadir Shah was irritated by this incident and asked his army to arrest that gang of Sikhs. Capturing those Sikhs had become the biggest challenge for Nadir Shah’s army. Now what happened next, you will know only after watching the film.

The setup and getup with which this story is shown in the film is the kind of presentation that we are missing in Bollywood films these days. Last time such a presentation was seen in Akshay Kumar’s film “Kesari”. The maker has spent a lot of time in making this film Mastaney. Every little thing has been shown in great detail.

There are many comics and dialogues in the first half to entertain the audience. The way the makeover of that Sikh is shown in the second half, you may also get goosebumps after watching that scene. The audience will go crazy after seeing his acting and action. There is also a love story going on in this film. Even if it wasn’t a love story, it wouldn’t have mattered. The love story should have been shown after the fight in the end.

The original Punjabi flavor of this film was correct. This film cannot be missed in watching. You should also watch this film. After watching this film, it becomes clear that a lot of hard work has been done in costume design, cinematography and action scenes. This film is a family friendly film, so you can watch this film with your family also.

The length of this film is 2 hrs 25 min. This film is based on a story from history. This is a story that everyone should know about. The screenplay of this film is good. The way the strength of Sikh brothers has been presented is truly outstanding. Rahul Dev has played a negative character in this film. He has played his character very well. BGM, movie music and cinematography are also good. This film has been made on a small budget, so at some point you will feel that it is an artificial set.

This film has been directed by Sharan art and produced by Manpreet johal. The name of the production company producing this film is Vehli janta films.

The star cast of this film is Tarsem Jassar, Simi Chahal, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Karamjit Anmol and Rahul Dev. Jaype Singh has done the cinematography work in this film.

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