Scam 2003: The Telgi Story Review

Scam 2003: Story

This story is the story of India’s biggest scam. How a man selling goods in a railway station became a crorepati. According to many articles, this man spent Rs 90 lakh on a bar dancer. 300 MBAs worked for this man. This man had 18 banks, 52 builders, 48 banks and 61 companies as his clients. This is the story of Abdul Karim, who shook the Indian system. This man did a scam of more than Rs 30 thousand crores.

Harshad Mehta had committed a scam of approximately Rs 200 to 300 crores in 1992. Now you can imagine how big this scam was. After his father’s death he came to Mumbai. When he went to jail in 1991 for some reason, he learned the entire business of fake stamp paper from a man in the jail. After this he started doing stamp paper business.

Telgi made a fake stamp of the stamp used on every official paper. He kept spending money on bar dancers. He wrongly took the stamp paper license from the Indian official. After this he bought the defective machine in the auction of Indian Security Printing Press. After this he did many fake stamp paper businesses across the country. These fake stamp papers were unrecognizable.

He, along with many corrupt officers, did the business of fake stamps. Their story was going well but their fake stamp paper truck was caught by the police in Bengaluru. Then their entire story comes before everyone. Investigation revealed about 120 of his bank accounts. He said that he did not know how much money he had. He used to keep money in a sack.

When CBI investigated him, he revealed the names of many Bollywood actors, politicians and officers. He goes to jail in 2006. In the year 2017, he dies due to illness. Telgi scam was the biggest scam of this country after globalization.

Scam 2003 Review: Positive Points

Scam 2003 has arrived on Sony Liv with its 5 episodes. Nice to see the storyline and casting of this series. A new face has been introduced in this series. Whenever we remember scam 1992, the face of its lead actor Pratik Gandhi comes to mind. Similarly, whenever we remember Scam 2003, only the lead actors of this series will be remembered. The lead actor has acted very well. It doesn’t look at all like he is acting. It seems that we are seeing this scam with our own eyes. The way the screenplay of this story has been done, it keeps the audience engaging.

Like scam 1992, work has been done on every small point in this series too. How did Telgi make fake stamp paper and with whose help? The makers of this series have worked hard on details and research just like Scam 1992. The character of Abdul Karim Telgi is played by Gagan Dev. He has given his best performance. How big a scammer Abdul Telgi was, we come to know from Gagan Dev’s acting.

By the end of this series, you will start feeling that Gagan Dev is Abdul Karim Telgi. The performances of the supporting actors were also good. Like scam 1992, the dialogues of this series are also good. The intensity with which the actor has delivered the dialogues is truly praiseworthy.

The iconic music of scam 1992 has been used in this series. That music makes this series even more engaging. Every dialogue spoken by Telgi in this series is perfect. If this series had been released in theatre, the audience would have really whistled.

Scam 2003 Review: Negative Points

If we compare this series with scam 1992, then this series is not of that level. But this series succeeds in creating its own level. Telgi’s intensives have been shown in a very pure manner in this series. That means if he is committing a crime then he is shown as a criminal. There are some loopholes in this series also. This series sometimes seems long and the audience also loses interest. But then later, it also becomes successful in engaging the audience. This series is of 10 episodes.

Currently only 5 episodes have been released. The remaining 5 episodes will be released in November. Each episode is of approximately 50 minutes. It will take you about 4 hours+ to watch these 5 episodes. There is no link to this series since scam 1992. The maker should first tell that this series has been divided into 2 parts. By the time the audience connects with this series, the series ends. These things do not satisfy the feeling of the audience. By the time Part 2 of this series comes, the audience may not lose interest in this series.

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