Akelli Movie Review: Nushrratt’s New Film Akelli

Akelli Movie Review: Story

This is a story about a girl named Jyoti. She lives in Punjab. Their financial condition is very bad. She is an Indian ordinary girl who works to take care of her household. He doesn’t get a job in this country. That’s why she wants to go to another country and work. Due to which they have to go to Iraq for job. His job and life are going well in Iraq. She also has a love interest. After going there she gets trapped in the clutches of a terrorist. A terrorist group attacks her and takes her as hostage. Now what will happen next with Jyoti? Will Jyoti be able to get out of there or will she get trapped in the clutches of that terrorist? You will get answers to all these questions when you watch this film.

Akelli Movie Review: Positive and Negative Points

The length of this film is 2 hrs 7 min. Without any propaganda, this film has touched many issues. Those issues are shown in the film with honesty. The center of the point of this movie is the character of Jyoti. Only Jyoti’s story has been shown. How she is supporting her family despite her financial condition being bad. Women empowerment has been shown through all these things. What is the real propaganda of the terrorist group, all these things have also been shown.

In the first half, Jyoti’s early life is shown and why she went to Iraq. In the second half it is shown why that group has imprisoned Jyoti. When you watch that scene, you will feel both tension and thrill. How does Jyoti survive in that group and how does she run away from there? All these stories can be seen. Jyoti’s character has been presented well. You will start feeling Jyoti’s character.

This movie presents its story very well. Karma yoga has also been talked about in this movie. Karma yoga has been taught in a good manner. The lead actor of the movie is Nusrat. He has worked hard in this film. Nusrat has used her acting expertise well. The music, cinematography and BGM of this movie are also good.

A new film has been released whose name is Akelli. There is no hype about this movie among the audience. This is a low budget thriller drama movie. The director of this film is Pranay Meshram. Pranay debuted in the Hindi film industry with this movie. He did a very good job in his debut movie and tried his best. The first half of this movie builds the plot. The intense scene is shown in the beginning of the movie itself. For this reason people also have interest in knowing this story. You will not be bored watching this movie.

There could have been a little more intensity in the 2nd half. Along with Hindi, Iraqi and English languages have been used in this film. Subtitles of other languages are also given below. It seems that because of a big film like Gadar 2, the audience may forget to watch this movie. It should have been released on OTT instead of theatre. There is some potential in this story. Nusrat has played her character well. If you like watching films like Kerala Story, then perhaps you will also like this film.

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