Haddi Movie Review: This story need some hard work

Haddi Movie Review: Story Review

Transgender is one of the hottest topics in this country. Sometimes films are released on this subject. But transgender movies like Haddi have been seen after many years. Some time ago, Sushmita Sen played the character of a transgender in a web series named Taali. The center of the topic of this film is transgender. This character played by Nawazuddin in this film is one of the best characters of his career. He has played the character of transgender in such a way that in this series he did not even let it be known that he is a man.

If you like Nawazuddin’s acting then you should watch this film. This is the story of a transgender house in Delhi. Nawazuddin also lived in that house. The ministers kill all the people to take possession of that property. How Nawazuddin takes his revenge from that minister and how many problems come in his life. To know this you will have to watch this film.

Haddi Movie Review: Positive and Negative Review

The most important thing is that the storyline of the film is good. The screenplay of this film is not that good. The topic of this film is so real and natural. This story will win your heart. The climax of this film is very shocking. You may feel a little scared watching this scene. This makes the transgender character the most special in the film. This film fail in engaging and connecting its audience. Something similar is felt in the first half.

This story is not even understood in the beginning. It is not known what this story wants to show. There are some scenes in which the audience gets bored. Its screenplay is very slow and weak. A little more work should have been done on the stroyline. After the interval you will know why the name of this movie is Haddi. This is not only a crime thriller drama movie but it is also a revenge story.

The villain character in this film is played by Anurag Kashyap. After Nawazuddin, only Anurag shares the maximum screen space. As a director he is a good director. But as an actor, he needs to work hard in acting. He has tried his luck in acting many times. Along with acting, he also over-acts. Many of his scenes feel illogical.

The supporting actors of this film should also work hard. The songs of this film also sound a bit strange. This is Ajay Sharma’s first film as a director. Some more work had to be done in the direction of this film also. This film can be remembered only for the performance of Nawazuddin. There are also scenes of abuse and bloodshed in this movie. This is an A rated movie.

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