King of Kotha Review: Positive and Negative Points

King of Kotha Review: Script and Technical Analysis

Gangster drama movies are in great demand these days, so every few months we get to see a new movie. So this time the new gangster drama movie King of Kotha of Malayalam industry has been released. Dulquer Salmaan has worked as the lead actor in this film. After watching this film, it seems that glimpses of many films have been shown in it. In this film, Dulquer Salmaan shines in acting, romance, expression, emotional attachment and aggression.

In this film we get to see a new avatar of Dulquer Salmaan. This is a gangster drama type film but you will also get to see family emotion, romance and revenge in it. The action, cinematography, slow motion effects and camera handling of this film have been very well choreographed. And BGM has been used very well in this film. Some of its music and scenes give you the feel of a massy movie. The 90’s setup of this film was also accurate.

There is also a credit scene at the end of this film from which it can be expected that its 2nd part will also come. Hero, heroine, villain and supporting actors have done good work. Dulquer Salmaan is not only the lead actor of this film but he is also the producer of this film. No nudity and vulgar language has been used in this film. But there is bloodshed and fighting in this film.

King of Kotha: Positive Review

There are twists and turns in this film but there is no suspense that makes the audience crazy. It will give the feel of a proper mass cinema. The audience will definitely like the story presentation of this film. Revenge flavor has also been used well in this film. Because of which we are able to connect with a normal story. There are also some scenes of football in it. Those who are football lovers may like these scenes.

Only a powerful actor has the power to make an average story good. Dulquer Salmaan not only acted in this film but also proved to be the king of kotha. Hardly anyone could act this character better than him. Very few actors have the talent to shake the audience with their dialogues. The visuals of the film give a retro vibe. Which gives quite different and distinct flavour. Dulquer Salmaan’s action can be praised.

King of Kotha: Negative Review

This film should have been a little shorter. Films become lengthy due to repetitive action scenes. A little more crisp can be expected in this mass cinema. This film does not have that much surprise factor. The audience can very easily predict the further story.

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