Guns and Gulaabs Web-Series Review

Guns and Gulaabs: Positive and Negative Review

The story is of Gulabganj and Sherpur. There are different gang leaders from both the places. Both the gangs do not get along with each other. This story is also a bit about narcotics. You will get the feeling of 90’s in this story. They worked hard in the setup of that era. Many things like character’s hair style, clothing style, old time music, car, radio, booth etc. have been used.

All the characters of this series have performed very well. The cast of this series are very big actors. Gulsan’s contract killer action is mindblowing. Such an avatar of him, has not been seen in any film till date. This is a comedy gangster type series. So many of its dialogues and scenes turn serious situations into comedy. You can see a little storyline and presentation of Mirzapur in this series. This series has been released on Netflix. There is no nudity in this series. But abuses may be heard in this. There is action and gangwar in this series. If you want to watch it with friends then this is your best option.

Violence, murder and romance can also be seen in this series. After watching the entire show, you will feel, you have watched a crime thriller series or a comedy series. Raj & DK’s storywriting is next level. Such dialogues have been spoken in this series which you might have never heard before. Gulsan has spoken 5 to 6 dialogues in this series but the way those dialogues have been presented is very unique. His character has been presented in such a way that you will never forget his name. In this series you will get to see entertainment in different scenes.

Guns and Gulaabs: Technical and Script Analysis

A series named Guns and Gulaabs has been released on Netflix. This is a dark comedy gangster drama type series. The creators of this series are Raj & DK. This is the same director who has directed many good movies and web series like Farzi and The Family Man. This time he has presented the 1990’s era to the audience.

There are 7 episodes of this series. Each episode is of 45 to 50 minutes. The last episode of this series is of approximately 80 minutes. It may take about 5 to 6 hours to watch this series. The last climax episode of this series has many twists and turns. The audience will go crazy after watching that episode.

Raj & DK have done story telling very well. You will remember all the characters that have been added to this series. The development of each character has been done in such a simplified way that every audience can connect with that character. When the characters are understood well then the story also becomes easy to understand.

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