Ghoomer Review: Abhishek Bachchan And Saiyami Kher Best Movie

Many such films are released in Bollywood which entertain you but only a few films come which inspire you. This film will not only entertain you but will also motivate you.

Story Review

A new film has been released in the theater named Ghoomer. This is the story of a girl who wants to become a cricketer. That girl wants to become a batsman in cricket. She has also been selected in the Indian cricket team. But unfortunately she meets with an accident. She loses her right hand in that accident. After that, the spirit of playing cricket disappears from his life. And she doesn’t even feel like living life. After this, Abhishek Bachchan enters, his character is of a rude ex-cricketer. He opens the doors of hope for that girl.

How Abhishek changes her life. How does Abhishek help her and will the girl be able to fulfill her dream or not? You will know this only after watching the film. The hype of this movie is a little less. Because right now films like Gadar 2 and OMG 2 are being watched more in theatres. If you like emotion and sports inspired dramas then this film is for you.

Positive or Negative Points

Abhishek as a coach, he trains the girl with confidence in a very different way. The dialogues of this film are very deep and meaningful. There are also humor touches in this dialogue, so that the entertainment factor of the audience remains. Abhishek tells about the importance of life in his dialogues. He explains that every part of your body is very important, whether that part is feet, hands or eyes. Life does not end even after losing that part. Life can still be lived ahead and one’s dreams can also be fulfilled.

In the film, the story continues with the songs. The song doesn’t make any difference to the story. In terms of acting, Abhishek has given his absolute best. The lead actress of this film has also presented her best performance. This is a must watch family entertainer film. You can watch this film with your family.

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