Leo Movie: Review and Story

Leo has been released in theatres. This is an action drama thriller film. Apart from its star cast Thalapathy Vijay, Trisha, Sanjay Dutt, Arjun, there are many other actors. Its story is inspired by the 2005 novel A History of Violence. Lokesh Kanagaraj has created Lokesh Cinematic Universe and this is the third film of this universe. It has been released worldwide on 19 October 2023 and its running time is 2 hrs 44 min. This is a Tamil language film but it has been dubbed in many languages. Ever since its announcement, the hype of this movie has been created.

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Leo: Story and Plot

This story is about Parthiban (Thalapathy Vijay) who runs a cafe in Theog, Himachal Pradesh. He has a small family like a common family. He is survived by his wife Satya (Trisha) and two children. Many murders have been taking place in that city for some time. One day some goons attack his cafe and try to kill his daughter and co-worker. Then Parthiban kills the gangster, after which his family comes in danger.

Along with this danger, gangsters Antony Das (Sanjay Dutt) and Harold Das (Arjun) enter their lives. Antony wants to assure that Parthiban is Leo Das. Now how will Parthiban come out of all these dangers? Are Parthiban and Leo Das the same? Now what will happen next in its story will be known only after watching this film.

Positive Review

The story of this film is strong. The first half is very interesting to watch. The way the fight between Hyena and Vijay is shown, it gives the audience a thrilling feeling in a moment. The intros of all the characters have been well defined and the characters have been well established. The scene when Vijay and Goons fight in the cafe is very much liked by the audience. Because Vijay’s anger and attitude have been depicted well in that scene. Many answers are visible in Vijay’s silence.

Vijay has played the character of Parthiban and Leo Das. Leo Das’s character is that of a royal and a gangster. Parthiban’s character is that of a common family man. He has played both the roles very well. The gangster avatar can be seen in his innocence. Vijay’s acting can be explored in this film. He keeps introducing various varieties in acting as per the demand of the audience. The action sequel and fight scenes are excellent. Vijay has been given maximum space on the screen due to which he is successful in captivating the audience.

Trisha has played the character of Sathya. She is Parthiban’s wife in this movie. This is a mass cinema movie which has action as well as action and thriller. Many scenes are unpredictable which strengthens the plot. Priya Anand’s performance is good but she has been given very less time. Her character could have been made impactful. There are many surprising twist and turn moments in the first part which make the plot exciting. Makes you think about the further story.

Negative Review

If this film is to be seen for the cinematic universe, then expectations from it can be kept low. In some scenes the music is not appropriate as per the situation but in the violence scenes the music is excellent. An intense environment is created in the first half but this environment starts becoming loose in the second half. The plot is stretched at the time of backstory.

The ambitions of the film are good but its execution could have been better at some places. This type of story has been seen many times but because of Lokesh’s presentation and storytelling, this film is different from others. Every scene has been added perfectly. If we compare both the parts, the first part is very engaging but the second half can give a boring feel.

Sanjay Dutt has played the role of Antony Das. Arjun has played the role of Harold Das. Both of these are negative roles. Sanjay Dutt has been very famous for negative roles for some time now but his acting could have been used more in this film. The roles of Sanjay and Arjun do not impact the audience that much.

Technical Review

Lokesh Kanagaraj is the director of this film. He has tried to show violence in a pure way. It is very popular for its cinema presentation. The first half is very thrilling and interesting. It is not known when the interval arrives but the second half is not able to maintain that moment. But many stories have been linked well in it. This could be one of Lokesh’s best films. But the audience had even greater expectations from Lokesh.

The most important element to make any movie interesting is BGM. Anirudh has added BGM in this film. His work is okay in this film because its BGM could have been better compared to the film Master and Vikram. Songs are not that memorable and impactful. Cinematographer Manoj Paramahamsa’s work is good. The editing of the first half is good but more work could have been done in the second half. The VFX work in the starting scene when Hyena and Vijay were fighting was very outstanding. But overall VFX is not that much enjoyable.

Leo Review: Conclusion

Suspense and thriller can also be seen along with action in Leo. In this film, maximum focus and screenspace has been given to Vijay’s performance. The introduction and development of the characters in the first half has been done well. This part is very exciting and engaging in which a lot of suspense is hidden. The pace of the story may seem slow in the second half.

Its story can be predicted in a moment. Flashback is lacking in design development. This is LCU’s 3rd film. Trisha’s role could have been given time. But this film reflects Vijay’s acting and performance. This is a one time watchable film. Vijay’s fan following is very strong due to which this film can be a hit at the box office.

Leo: Cast, Director, Budget, Wiki, More Info etc

Movie NameLeo
Sanjay Dutt
Release Date19 October 2023
Running Time 2 hr 44 min
Box Office
Budgetest 250-330 cr
GenreAction Crime Drama
DirectorLokesh Kanagaraj
Based onA History of Violence
by David Cronenberg
Writer Lokesh Kanagaraj
Rathna Kumar
Deeraj Vaidy
ProducerS. S. Lalit Kumar
Jagadish Palanisamy
Production Co.Seven Screen Studio
Country India
EditorPhilomin Raj
CinematographyManoj Paramahamsa
Music byAnirudh Ravichander

Leo: Star Cast and Their Role

ActorRole as
VijayParthiban “Parthi”
Leo Das
Sanjay DuttAntony Das
Arjun SarjaHarold Das
Trisha KrishnanSathya
Gautham MenonJoshy Andrews
George MaryanNapoleon
Madonna SebastianElisa Das
Mansoor Ali KhanHridayaraj D’Souza
Priya AnandPriya Andrews
Mathew ThomasSiddharth “Siddhu”
Babu AntonyAntony’s henchman
ShanthiShanmugam’s wife
Madhusudhan Rao
Janany KunaseelanShruthi
Sachin ManiShruthi’s husband
Denzil SmithJudge
Santhi MayadeviAdvocate
Mukhtar KhanBhaawar Jetha
Leela SamsonPublic Prosecutor
Dinesh MasterDinesh
Maya S. KrishnanVikram’s aide
Anurag KashyapDaniel
Kamal HaasanVikram (Voice)
Rj Umar NisarReporter

Song List and Title

Bloody SweetAnirudh Ravichander,
Siddharth Basrur
Naa ReadyVijay, Anirudh
Asal Kolaar
Vishnu Edavan,
Asal Kolaar
AnbenumAnirudh Ravichander,
Vishnu Edavan
BadassAnirudh RavichanderVishnu Edavan
Lokiverse 2.0Instrumental

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