Pippa Movie: Review

Pippa has been released on OTT. This is a Hindi language biographical war film whose running time is 2 hr 19 min. This is a biographical film based on the real life story of Captain Balram Singh Mehta. The Indo-Pak war of 1971 has been shown. Ishaan Khatter, Mrunal Thakur and Priyanshu Painyuli have worked as lead actors.

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Story and Plot

The partition of India in the year 1947 is shown. India is divided into 3 different parts. First India, second East Pakistan (Bangladesh) and third West Pakistan. East Pakistan is controlled by the government and military of West Pakistan. Elections were held in the year 1970 but Yahya Khan denied its results. Because of this, the people of East Pakistan get frustrated and start revolting. Est. Pak starts demanding an independent country. Pakistani Military starts killing the people who rebel. Then the Indian Army helps in its independence. How will the Indian Army help them? The story of this film is related to this. The further story will be known only after watching the film.

Positive Review

It is based on real life war story. The history of India has been shown how India helped East Pakistan (Bangladesh) and saved them from Pakistan. Due to which rebellion started in Bangladesh. In this the focus has been on the equipment used in war. A war tank PT-76 helped win the war. For this reason that tank came to be lovingly called Pippa.

Real tanks have been used in the war scene shown here. Its presentation is unique due to which the background looks very real and natural and gives a warlike feeling. Some new experience can be felt in battle fight. Soldier’s personal life has been highlighted. Visual effects and VFX quality are good.

Ishaan Khatter has played the character of Captain Balram Singh Mehta. His acting performance is very good. Ishaan looks very young among army officers. Which may seem odd. Mrunal Thakur has played the character of Radha Mehta. She has played the role of Balram’s sister. But this role is very important.

There are gripping moments in the second half because it focuses more on war. Fighting and emotion are also shown in the chemistry of siblings. The maker has put a lot of effort into research. Priyanshu Painyuli work is good. The focus has also been on family drama. But Mrunal could have been given a little more screen time.

Negative Review

Character build up has been done in the first half. The name of this movie is Pippa but a little more knowledge and explanation could have been given about Pippa in it. Why was Pippa important to Captain Balram? This information is not given here.

The screenplay could have been smoothed. Work could be done in Emotion touch. In some parts, very technical things have been shown due to which the audience is not able to connect. The speed slows down in the last half of the second half. The character of Soni Razdan could have been made more impactful.

This is a patriotic type and war battle film but probably cannot connect with it emotionally. At some moments its story becomes flat and seems like a normal film. Story may seem repetitive. There is not much unique in the plot so it can also be predictable.

Technical Review

Raja Krishna Menon has directed this film. He has directed the movie Airlift. His work is fine in this. But the 1st half could have been made engaging. Production Value is good.

Music By A. R. Rahman does not hit that much emotionally but his work is okay. Hemanti Sarkar’s editing work is okay. Some repetitive scenes could have been trimmed. Cinematography by Priya Seth has done excellent work. The camera angles in War’s tank fight are amazing.

Pippa Movie Review: Conclusion

This is a presentation based film which is real and a little scary and different from other patriotic films. The 1971 war and the patriotism of three siblings are shown. You will feel enjoying while experiencing the tank. Ishaan can surprise as a lead actor. Mrunal and Priyanshu have contributed a lot to the plot. This is a one time watchable movie.

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