Label Series: Review

Label series has been released on Disney+ Hotstar. This is an Action Drama series of Tamil language. Article 20 of the Indian Constitution has been discussed in it. This is season 1 and there are total 10 episodes. Jai, Tanya Hope and Mahendran have worked as lead actors.

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Story and Plot

In the beginning of the story, Vali Nagar of North Chennai is shown. That place is a notorious area. Because of this the people there are not respected in the society. A child named Prabha is sent to jail on charges of murder. But that child would not have committed murder, hence he would have been released from jail.

When he grows up, the child becomes a lawyer and also dreams of becoming a judge. He wants to change the identity of Vali Nagar in the eyes of the society. That’s why he does a lot of social work. Will he be able to change his identity? What problems will he have to face? The answer to these questions will be known only after watching this series.

Positive Review

There is a boy who has to bring many changes in his society because that place is famous for criminal activities. He has to face many problems in doing these tasks. He wants to bring change in the lives of the young youth of that place, so that that youth does not do any wrong thing. Past life is well defined. A love angle can also be introduced in the present life along with its struggle. There are also many gang and murder scenes which make its story interesting.

Storytelling is good. Its star cast fits into its roles. Emotion element is touch due to which audience feels emotional. The acting of that little child is very superb. His role is very impactful. Because of his powerful acting, you can start feeling connected and emotional with him. Its genre is legal crime drama. Legal drama is engaging in many episodes. The dubbing quality of other languages is fine.

Jai has played the character of Prabhakaran. He looks prefectly fit in this role. He has done his work well. His entries are powerful. Tanya Hope played the role of journalist Mahitha. She is okay in the character. Her acting performance is decent but according to the situation her facial expressions may not match.

Negative Review

The presentation of the story in the initial episodes is fine and the development of the characters is in depth but in some portions it feels like the story is being stretched. Some confusion is created at some places. Because of which there may be some difficulty in maintaining the interest level.

The screenplay is decent in the beginning but after that the plot gets stretched. Because of this it feels a little long. Some scenes may seem illogical. The plot is good but one cannot get a unique feeling after watching it because this type of story has been seen in many films.

Technical Review

Color grading is good. The most important BGM score is good. Music by Sam C. S. is decent. Arunraja Kamaraj is the director of this series. His directing work is fine. He is also its writer. At some moments, confusion is created to understand, but later everything gets explained. writing job is okay.

Label Series Review: Conclusion

In the beginning, information about Prabha’s life is shown by showing her childhood. After that, his goals and dreams are shown. In the beginning it engages and captivates the audience a lot. There are many gripping moments in the story. Everything is good but initially only 3 episodes have been released. Because of which the audience cannot connect with it. Overall, this is a one time watchable series which can be enjoyed.

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