Apurva Movie: Review

Apurva Disney+ Hotstar has been released. This is a Hindi language Thriller Drama film whose running time is 1 hr 35 min. It has been released on 15 November 2023. Tara Sutaria, Rajpal Yadav, Abhishek Banerjee and Dhairya Karwa have worked as lead actors.

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Story and Plot

In the beginning 4 robbers are shown. The name of the head of that gang is Jugnu and that dacoit gang is very dangerous. That gang commits many robberies in Chambal area. One day Apurva was going by bus to meet her boyfriend Siddharth. Apurva and Siddharth were also going to get married to each other. But that bus was crossing through the area of that gang.

Then that gang kidnaps Apurva and takes her to their base. They beats Apurva a lot. Will Apurva be able to free herself from that gang? Will Siddharth be able to help Apurva? Will that gang kill Apurva? The answers to all these questions will be known only after watching the film.

Positive Review

Caught in the midst of goons, how courageously a girl fights to save her respect. A new form of girl’s bravery can be seen. Apurva’s past life has also been covered well. Without wasting any time, the focus has been on the story only.

Tara Sutariya has played the character of Apurva. She satisfied the audience in this role. This is one of the best acting of her career. The way she is shown fighting the goons gives a thriller experience. Rajpal Yadav has played the role of Jugnu. His new villain look completely surprised the audience. He has done serious acting in this. Abhishek Banerjee has also contributed in keeping the plot engaging.

The entire cast has performed their best acting. Its screenplay is very tight. All the actors have done a great job of keeping the screenplay tight. The story line is fast paced as well as gripping. Its plot keeps the audience engaged. Love story angle can also be seen in this and it has been presented well without stretching it.

Negative Review

In its ending period it could be predicted what the further story could be. Climax could have been presented in a better way. Because it does not seem that effective. But a thriller can be experienced without any vulgar scenes.

The personality and conversation of the robber could have been made even more dangerous and scary. Dialogue could have been made better.

Technical Review

Cinematography by Anshuman Mahaley is decent. BGM is good in maintaining thriller. Color grading is okay. Tara’s facial looks look real in the 2nd half. The makeup artist’s work is fine. Shivkumar V. Panicker’s editing is good. He has edited and trimmed the scenes very minutely. Nikhil Nagesh Bhat is its writer and director. He could have made its climax even more interesting. His work in directing is decent.

Apurva Movie Review: Conclusion

There are many violence scenes which include assault and killing. A connection has been built in the introduction of the girl’s past life. Many gripping and tense moments can be explored in Apurva’s fight. But still its plot can be predicted in one portion. This is a short length survival thriller film. Its plot is not extra ordinary but it is a one time watchable show.

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