Shehar Lakhot Webseries: Review

Shehar Lakhot Webseries has been released. This is a Hindi language crime drama thriller series. This is Season 1 and it has total 8 episodes. The length of the episodes is 50 min to 72 min. It has been released on Amazon Prime Video on 29 November 2023. Chandan Roy Sanyal, Priyanshu Painyuli, Shruthy Menon and Kubbra Sait have worked as lead actors. Its director is Navdeep Singh.

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Story and Plot

This story is about a boy named Dev Tomar who has a mysterious past. He returns to his hometown for some work after 10 years. In his hometown he gets entangled in a corruption and murder case. Due to which many problems and twists arise in his life. Is Dev’s past dangerous? Will he also fall into the trap of corruption? Will he be able to prove himself innocent? Will he be able to face this problem? The answer to this will be found in the series only.

Positive Review

Prime Video has presented a new series. Dev Tomar’s journey has been covered in this. Many social issues have been discussed in it. In this, elements like murder, politics, love, crime and blackmail have been combined.

Priyanshu Painyuli has played the character of Dev Tomar. He is seen leading the show. He has been given maximum screen space. His acting performance is good but his character could have been a little more interesting.

Kubbra Sait portrayed the character of Pallavi Raj well. Chandan Roy and Chandan Roy Sanyal have played the roles of vikas and kairav. Sanyal has done excellent work in negative roles. Manu Rishi Chadha (Corrupt cop), Shruthy Menon (Dev’s ex love) and the entire supporting cast did their job well.

The episodes after the 5th episode may seem a bit interesting and engaging. Many suspense and twists have been added to it.

Negative Review

This type of story has been seen in many films and series before. Twist & turn also looks similar. Its execution may seem very slow and dull. Screenplay and narration may seem slow. For example, in one scene, Dev’s smoking scene has been stretched to the maximum. You may feel very boring after watching such scenes. That kind of scenes don’t contribute to the story.

A lot of time has been consumed in the development and build up of the character. Abusive words are used without any need. The length could have been reduced by trimming many unnecessary scenes. It may take more than 7 hours to watch this series completely. The avg length of the episode is 54 min. There are not that many shocking and surprising moments.

Its story may seem flat and predictable in many parts. It becomes difficult to build interest in the first few episodes. There was no shocking element in its climax and the ending may seem ridiculous. The character’s backstory is not that engaging. Its hype is very less. Perhaps more effort could have been put into its marketing or promotion.

Technical Review

Navdeep Singh’s work as a director is decent. He has directed hit films like NH10. There were more expectations from him for some new concept and he could have made it more interesting. Its writers are Devika Bhagat and Navdeep Singh. He selected a good topic but execution and presentation are lacking.

Cinematography by Vishal Vittal is okay. Music by Shivansh Jindal is decent. Production value is good. Editing by Nayan Bhadra is not that impressive as the scene could have been trimmed and shortened.

Shehar Lakhot Webseries: Conclusion

This is a crime drama and thriller series in which the journey of a boy is shown. It may take up to 6 – 7 hours to watch its total 8 episodes. In this, abusive words have been used excessively at many places. The audience had very high expectations from this show but it could not satisfy the feelings of its audience. This can be a good choice to watch during weekends.

Cast, Director, Budget, Wiki, More Info etc

Webseries NameShehar Lakhot
StarringChandan Roy Sanyal
Priyanshu Painyuli
Shruthy Menon
Kubbra Sait
Release Date29 November 2023
No. of Season1
No. of Episode8
Running Time 50-62 min
GenreCrime . Drama .
DirectorNavdeep Singh
CreatorNavdeep Singh
Devika Bhagat
& Story by
Navdeep Singh
Devika Bhagat
ProducerKhalil Bachooali
Navdeep Singh
Production Co.Offroad Films
OTT PlatformAmazon Prime Video
Country India
EditorNayan Bhadra
Casting byAshok Vyas
Hemang Vyas
CinematographyVishal Vittal
Music byShivansh Jindal
Visual Effects byShashi Singh

Shehar Lakhot: Star Cast and Their Role

ActorRole as
Priyanshu PainyuliDev Tomar
Shruthy MenonSandhya
Chandan Roy
Kubbra SaitPallavi Raj
Manu Rishi ChadhaRajbir Rangot
Sanjay Shiv
Chandan RoyVikas Kachdaar
Shruti JollyVidushi Tomar
Gyan PrakashRajendra Singh
Abhilash ThapliyalAntariksh Tyagi
Vikas BhakriRP Singh
Rishi MehtaRanga Singh
Navdeep Singh
Sanju Yadav
Lavina SadhwaniPinky
Mudassar AliJamal Khan
Gaurav KothariSunil Mahajan
Manjiri PupalaBhi
Dipesh RohillaKarim Khan
Kashyap Harsha
Jayendra Singh
Bhaskar BhartiBank Manager
Col Bhaskar BhartiBank Manager
Mohit VermaMonty
Ashok VyasJhunjhur Singh
Ankit BhardwajTP SINGH
Rohan SinghGajendra

Shehar Lakhot: All Episode Title and List

EpisodeTitle Duration
S1 E1You shouldn’t have
come back, dev
54 min
S1 E2Where’s my car?55 min
S1 E3A little this, a little that57 min
S1 E4One last surprise, Mr. Tomar?56 min
S1 E5Careful, anything can happen55 min
S1 E6It’s all beyond me52 min
S1 E7The roles are a bit
different now
50 min
S1 E8Put that gun down, Dev72 min

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