The Lady Killer Movie: Review

The Lady Killer has been released. This is a Hindi language crime thriller film whose running time is 2 hr 5 min. Arjun Kapoor and Bhumi Pednekar have worked as lead cast in it. It has been released on 3 November 2023. Its director is Ajay Bahl and writers are Ajay Bahl, Pawan Sony and Mayank Tewari.

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Story and Plot

Rajendar Joshi is shown in the beginning of the story. Who runs chmist shop in Nainital. He has an affair with a married woman named Gajra. Rajendar’s friend is Solanki who is a police officer. He advises Rajendra that if you want to settle down well here, you will have to meet the former Prince. When he goes to the prince’s mansion, he becomes attracted to the prince’s daughter Jansey.

Then a twist comes in his life which shocks him. And everyone comes to know about his reality. What was that twist which upsets Rajendar? Will he be able to hide his affair with Gajra from Jansey? Will he be able to spend his life with Jansey? The answer to all these questions will be found only after watching the film.

Positive Review

Rajendar’s affair and romance have been well presented. The story has been designed in dark theme. So that a thriller experience can be created. Romance and kiss have been added to make the story interesting. There are many twists to maintain the exciting moment. Along with love and romance, some killer experiences can also be seen in this. You may find it interesting to know the murder mystery.

Arjun Kapoor has played the character of Rajendar Joshi. Compared to the last few films, Arjun has done a good job in this film. Bhumi Pednekar has played the character of Jansey Burman. She has always been known for her best acting. Her work is good in thrilling portions. Her acting can be liked. But in this film, Bhumi disappointed her fans in some moments.

Along with Rajendar’s present life, past life incidents have also been covered. You may have liked the climax of the story but the ending could have been made memorable. The filming locations are very beautiful. Ice and mountains look good.

Negative Review

According to many articles, the shooting of this film has not been completed. It was released with incomplete shooting. The thrilling portion may not seem that efficient. There are many 18+ scenes due to which a larger audience cannot be targeted. The audience may miss the song.

Its plot engages in the 1st half but that element is not maintained in the 2nd half. Some more elements can be explored. It has thrilling moments but it is not able to connect the audience. The relationship build up of some characters may seem a bit confusing. Rajendar’s cop friend could have created an atmosphere of fear.

The hype of this movie is very less. Had it been promoted properly, its hype could have been created. If it was released on OTT instead of theatre, wider audience would have liked it. This is a perfect OTT film in which many film elements can be experienced.

Technical Review

It would have been better if a song had been added to it. BGM is good. Anuj Dhawan’s cinematography is decent. Pranav Mistry’s editing is okay. Production value is good. Its producers are Shailesh R Singh and Sahil Mirchandani.

The writer has written the story in a very interesting way but its presentation may seem lacking. Ajay Bahl is the director of this film. Whose work may seem average in this movie. Its story is good but its presentation may seem weak. The execution could have been better.

The Lady Killer Review: Conclusion

The 1st half is engaging to watch but the execution could have been better in the 2nd half. The life of Rajendar’s ex-girlfriend could also have been explored. Narration and some portions of the story could have been explained better. The plot of this film has a lot of potential and the director could have presented it better.

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