Scam 2003 Vol 2: Review

Scam 2003 Vol 2 has been released. This is a Hindi language biographical financial thriller series which has been released on SonyLIV. This is the second part of Scam 2003. Part one was released on 1 September 2023.

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Story and Plot

At the beginning of the story Abdul Karim Telgi spends a lot of money for a bar dancer. Because of this he becomes famous and people guess that Telgi has a lot of money. Many politicians and police officers used to charge money to protect and help them. After this incident, politicians started demanding more commission from Telgi. A famous Karnataka star gets kidnapped and the kidnappers demand money from the government.

But due to some reason the government arranges money from Abdul. After this, a twist comes in his life due to which many changes come in his life and he has to face many problems. Will he be able to solve the problem? What twists come in their lives? The answer to all these questions will be found only after watching the series.

Positive Review

This is a series based on a real life event. The execution of the scam was shown in the 1st part. The peak points of his life are also shown. In the 2nd part, how does Telgi get involved in the scam? Investigation, Jail life, enemy and Telgi’s personal life problems and family angle are shown. The narration of the story has been done in an interesting way. Detailing work has been done in the recreation of the setup.

Gagan Dev Riar has done commendable work. He has worked a lot on acting and body language. It also deserves popularity like Harshad Mehta’s cast Pratik Gandhi. Scam 2003 could not be as popular as Scam 1992 but its story has a lot of potential.

If we talk about acting, every character has performed their best and all the characters are memorable. Casting is very good. Bhojpuri Star Dinesh Lal Yadav (Nirahua) has played the character of Pramod Jaisingh. This can surprise the audience. He also did a wonderful job.

You can get a good feeling watching the first three episodes. The last episode is very good which can give exciting feeling. Emotional touch has been added to it.

Negative Review

The story and screenplay of Scam 2003 Vol 1 was engaging. But in some episodes of Vol 2, it may be seen deviating from the track of its story. At some moments it feels like the story is being stretched. Emotional moments of his life have also been shown. The reason for showing this is revealed in the end.

It is not able to create as much intensity, excitement and tension among the audience as Vol 1. Dinesh Lal’s role could have been made even more impactful. The maker has put a lot of effort into its research but some of its points may seem lacking and confusing. If it is compared with Sacm 1992, then the ending of 1992 was very interesting but something may seem missing in the ending of Scam 2003.

Technical Review

Director Tushar Hiranandani’s work is good. The first three parts create a curiosity feeling while watching. The last episode is also engaging but the ending does not create that much impact. Production Value is okay. Maker worked on this topic and told this unknown story to the audience. Therefore he should be praised.

He has presented every character perfectly. Ishaan Chhabra’s music is impressive to listen to. The writing and dialogue are good. Cinematographer Stanley did a decent job. Background, setup and jail environment are well presented. But the editing of some scenes could have been improved.

Scam 2003 Vol 2 Review: Conclusion

Overall this series will definitely entertain the audience. The length per episode is approximately 35 to 39 minutes. Abusive words have also been used at many places. Boring feeling cannot come and engaging feeling can come. Gagan Dev’s performance is excellent. There may be confusion at some moments. This could have been handled better. This is a one time watchable series.

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