UT69: Raj Kundra Movie’s Review

UT69 has been released. This is a Hindi language biopic film whose running time is 1 hr 57 min. This film has been released on 3 November 2023. Raj has shared his experience of 63 days in jail through this film.

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UT69: Story and Plot

At the beginning of the story, Raj and the lawyer are talking. News Media shows an FIR against Raj Kundra in the news channel. Raj is sent to jail by the court. The lawyer tells Raj that he will be taken out of jail within a few days. When he goes to jail, the essential items brought by him are not allowed to be brought into the jail. Because of this he gets worried. Raj has to face many problems in jail. The further story will be known only after watching the film.

Positive Review

This movie is based on a true story. The story of film actress Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra is shown. This movie shows the jail environment in a positive way. It has been shown how much struggle he had to face in jail and how he survived so many days in jail.

Expectation from Raj was zero but he has introduced many surprising moments. He has used Positive Opportunity in Negative Environment. It may be interesting to see the reaction and day to day life of Common Prisoner and Celebrity Prisoner. It is amazing to see Raj’s reaction when the prisoner talks about Shilpa Shetty.

Negative Review

Their pre-action and pre-story could be shown so that the audience could understand it better. Raj’s past life and current life could also be explored. But in this film only the experience and struggle of jail is shown. Raj has almost zero acting experience, so his acting probably could not satisfy the audience. But the acting of Police and Prisoner is good. If Raj was replaced and another actor was given a chance, perhaps this role could have become even more impactful. Variety and transformation are missing in his acting.

The reality of jail has been shown in this film but such scenes have been seen in many films. Some scenes do not feel grounded and realistic. The situation and life of jail has been shown well in many films and the same thing has been shown in this film too, so it can give repeated feelings.

UT69 Movie Review: Conclusion

Raj Kundra has shown his jail experience through this film. He has played his character himself. He has tried to show his character in a pure way. But his acting performance may seem weak. The engaging factor is weak in the 1st half but the 2nd half can be enjoyed.

Cast, Director, Wiki, More Info etc

Movie NameUT69
StarringRaj Kundra
Kumar Saurabh
Gaurav Mishra
Anand Alkunte
Release Date3 November 2023
Running Time 1 hr 57 min
DirectorShahnawaz Ali
Story byRaj Kundra
Writer Vikram Bhatti
Raj Kundra
Production Co.SVS Studios
The Bigger Picture Films
DistributorAA Films
Country India
CinematographyKevin Jason Crasta
Music byPrince Mulla

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