Haddi Movie Review: This story need some hard work

Haddi Movie Review: Story Review Transgender is one of the hottest topics in this country. Sometimes films are released on this subject. But transgender movies like Haddi have been seen after many years. Some time ago, Sushmita Sen played the character of a transgender in a web series named Taali. The center of the topic … Read more

Scam 2003: The Telgi Story Review

Scam 2003: Story This story is the story of India’s biggest scam. How a man selling goods in a railway station became a crorepati. According to many articles, this man spent Rs 90 lakh on a bar dancer. 300 MBAs worked for this man. This man had 18 banks, 52 builders, 48 banks and 61 … Read more

Kabzaa Movie Review: A Cheaper Version of KGF

Breief Story Arkeshwar, a young boy, becomes an Air Force pilot. When he comes to his mother and brother in his village Amarapura for a holiday, he falls in love with Princess Madhumati. Both of them were already in love. Gang wars keep happening in amarapura. In a gang war, Arkeshwar’s brother Sankeshwara is killed … Read more

Dasara Movie Review: Nani and Kerthy together Looking Good

Brief Story Dharani (Nani), a coal thief, lives with her grandmother in a village called Veerlapalli. Every person in that village is addicted to alcohol. Dharani spends his childhood with Suri and Vennela (Kerthy Suresh). Dharani had addiction to alcohol and smoking since childhood. He loves Vennela since childhood. But Vennela falls in love with … Read more

Yashoda Movie Review: Samantha’s Suspenseful Surrogacy Story

Yashoda film Samantha

Brief Story At Dr. Madhu’s surrogacy center named EVA, a poor girl, Yashoda, agrees to become a surrogate mother. The financial condition of all the girls in that center is bad. Gradually he starts suspecting that some crime is happening there. After that she tries to know the truth about that centre. Actually, she is … Read more

Tiger 3: Poster Teaser Review

Tiger 3

There may be many heroes of mass cinema but there is only one father of mass cinema, Salman Khan. With just one film of his, the entire Indian cinema gets to know what mass cinema is. The official announcement teaser of Tiger 3 has been released. Is back with more action than you would have … Read more